Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Thing That Scares Us At Night

It was very patchy. At first, it would start out sounding like coffee percolating. Up and down and then somewhere in the middle, it started to sound like a deflating balloon when you squeeze out of all of the air. And finally, it started to taper off after the motorboat period, which is probably self explanatory. Sometimes it would go straight from percolating coffee to motorboat, then to deflating balloon, then back to motorboat..

This is the sound of Hub’s migraine-inducing snoring at night. The kind where I would literally kick shake him to wake up. I don’t know. Thought he was convulsing or having heart attack or something. The snoring became so boisterous one night I thought there was an airplane that crash landed in front of the house. And if that’s my lucky night, he would stand straight up and ask some thing. This would go on for two seconds, and with a zombie-like look, he would sigh and fall right back to sleep.

But for some reason, his snoring doesn’t really and seriously piss me off. Because I too do somniloquy. I don’t only sleep talk, I also sleep walk. In fact one night Hubs told I was giving him instruction. When he asked me what I was doing I replied by making some kind of unholy snarling and grumbling. He almost called a priest to check if I was possessed, but later concluded that I was just sleep talking.

The reason that I chose to talk about this today is because it was Hubs birthday last week. I almost feel some shame in it but I thought to share with you guys how amazing we are as a couple. Don’t you think so?

Happy Birthday, Hubs!


  1. That was so funny! I didn't know you sleep talk and walk tho. Jojo also talks in his sleep, which alarmed me the first time I heard it coz he didn't warn! As for the snoring, it doesn't bother me at all either, snorer din ako e!

  2. Yes. That's me that's why I can never be left alone with my own "devices". I might scare somebody in case I was able to get out of the house at night

  3. hahaha... i sleep talk too and snore. sleep talking i've known since i was little and my sister tells me that whom i've been roommate for a long time. but snoring, it took a tape recorder my husband had to convince me.

  4. Tape recorder talaga..hehe. Well me too. I swear in heaven that I don't snore, until somebody told me that I really do. Talking about 'denial'. Thanks Dio for stopping by!