Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do You Miss College?

I do. I enjoyed college more than high school. College was the time that I started to carve my own identity. I was no longer very shy. To some degree, it was then that I was slightly becoming of the person I really wanted--the kind that doesn’t need other’s approval.

Just a few weeks ago I had the chance of returning to my dear alma mater. Seeing the century-old columns, hallways, staircase was like coming home. Archaic, with some buildings almost dilapidated, but this university helped built up my moral fiber which are now my principles, values, standards and general understandings of life as a whole. My visit was only for few hours but the longer I stayed, I find myself sinking deeper and deeper back into old memories of friends and hardships (naks!). Did I mention I am few points away from being Cum Laude?

I also miss the people and the experiences I met and had while inside the academe. And like a favorite movie, there are days that I rerun in my mind all the funny, embarrassing and happy moments I had. I am sorry to tell you all that no, we did not dare go inside men’s room nor stolen test papers. But yes, we poked fun at one professor for not wearing the same pair of stockings. Yeah that was too lame a way of poking fun. It could be worse.


I will forever hold myself indebted not only for the degree that I used to get myself employed but also for the wisdom, the prudence and rationality in making life’s choices. To the one institution that accepted me not only because I have the money to pay for the tuition, but because I am willing to learn, MARAMING SALAMAT PO!

Here’s the bucketlist of all the awesome things I miss in College:

    1. The colon-cleansing food they sell at the cafeteria. Oh how I miss the ginisang munggo (sautéed mongo sprouts) that magically appear every Friday.
    2. I remember coming to our PE class looking like a European medieval soldier this:
    3. Secretly passing a paper and writing down what we “love” about our professors' outfit that day.
    4. Being able to get rid of all those unwanted trees on the planet by turning into papers that eventually gets turn up and burned.
    5. Going home early due to typhoon.
    6. Arriving to school only to know the class was cancelled.
    7. Foundation day
    8. Library (especially the Thesis section where I sleep)
    9. Eating dirty ice cream and kwek-kwek.
    10. Friends: Tet, Eunice, Thelma, Joy, Jo, Beca, Benny, Ate Marlyn. Naming them will not give the perfect description of how grateful I was, am and will be.

So there you go. I am certain that I could add a ton more stuff if I really put my mind to it, but I'm lazy and feel like napping, so that's all you're getting. For now.

And to all of you who are returning to school on Monday, take heart kids. School is fun and so are the memories you will make inside and outside of it.


  1. I second the motion, Malou! My college days were really memorable too...ah, those were the days...

  2. I totally agree... college days were truly memorable!!!