Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Open Letter to Mr. Corona

Dear Mr. Corona:

What were you thinking when you said what you said yesterday?

And where was the feisty Miriam Santiago when all this was happening?

I won’t go into the causes of your misery. If anything, your misfortune doesn’t need a very long story to back it up. Not a wee bit. Because we can read all about it just about anywhere.

You didn't even finish your last sentence; it just trailed off. Although you are reading it, I think the subject had changed in your head while your mouth had continued on the old topic, not realizing it was already out of supplies.

So you just walked out and that’s it.

Frankly, this long process of your impeachment hearing has so far what made us in the international community: disgraceful.

In ending, please Mr. Corona if the next time you stand before the senate court, think about this:

You see, we were talking about you in the office the whole day and man, you can make all afternoon dramas eat dust. Next time do it at 2am.



  1. haha. What happened yesterday was epic! The shock i got from watching him suddenly leave! pambihira. What a show indeed! Drama, iyakan, suspense and all. On Tuesday we shall know the verdict, and if he gets to get away from all of this, i wouldnt know what to think of our Philippine justice anymore.

  2. Exactly! That's why I can't placed myself in all of this. Although this is what democracy all about, but the bureaucracy is too long. Too long before we can punish erring officialsAnd yes, Filipinos are so forgiving. Why? in a few years, he will run for government seat. Tingnan mo? hehe

  3. and now he's in the hospital..with hypoglycemia and under the intensive care...ugh!

    if only i can show you this humorous photo I've seen on facebook with a photo tag "birds with the same feather ends in the same seat"

    seat = wheelchair
    same feather = GMA

  4. Yeah, I saw it too Clai. It was so funny! On the lighter side, that's how we are as Pinoys. We always find something to laugh about no matter how serious the situation is. A happy nation indeed! Thanks for the follow Clai!