Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Gateway Arch Kind of Love

You should admit, ladies, that we still want to be swooned by our man right? Everyday we desire to be reminded that we are their mi amore. You know those moments where we are assured that even if we get more fleshy on the side, we are still the person they spotted among the crowd as the most attractive, most interesting, most beautiful, and the only one who can complete their dreams. Oh how marriage has become so fragile now a days. Show me marital break ups and I’ll show you a soap dish. Here’s my two cents: marriage need more than just meeting physical needs. It also thrives on the couples continuous support and encouragement, seen daily in actions, and reassured by spoken love and admiration.

Take the case of Eero Saarinen. In 1954, he wrote his wife, Aline, 13-point breakdown of what he sees best in her. Even if I know that these are hard to take as all truths, still his words speak nothing but love and undying devotion. Here it is:

{Eero Saarinen, A late US architect who designed The Greatway Arch.}

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