Monday, January 28, 2013

Cats and Dogs

These guys fight like crazy. You'd think five years difference would mean no fighting.

Wrong. They can fight so often and so relentlessly that the voice out of my head sounds like a strangled cat on a hot day.

You’d think they don’t fight over the same toy just because they’re opposite sex?

Wrong again. They screamed and will kill each other for this.

I hiss at them to stop fighting. Use all my power to stop them. Yell. Cursed. Begged, Cried.

It's infuriating. Fighting is the one thing that really grates on me. I ask other mothers of two if their children fight and the answer is always yes.

But they also miss each other, make up, start all over again.

They laugh and fight, make up then start fighting again. But they adore the hell out of each other.

I adore the hell out of them too. So much I can hardly stand it.


  1. im new here thank po ateh sa pagdalaw at sa comment, it helps.

    i remember my younger sister when we were still a child, we used to fight like wala ng bukas, there's rivalry din pero as we grow older naging close kami, sabagay kasi dalawa lang kaming magkakapatid and we lost our mom already, we only have our father nalang. nakakatuwa to remember this moment again or pictures pag lumaki na sila... hehehe cherish every moment so that it will always the best to look back.

  2. my younger sister and my brother 11 years in gap? they fight in most all things. urg! i guess there's always this sibling rivalry no matter what age gap there is.

  3. Naalala ko ang aking brother na sumunod sakin. Kami ang laging magkaaway. Pero deep inside alam namin na love namin ang isa't isa :D

  4. @Lala, what you said is very true. Ganyan yata talaga bata. Kalahati laro, kalahati away. Tama ka minsan lang sila bata kasi hinde ko carry pag matanda na sila eh cats and dogs parin. Baka ibitin ko na sila hehe!

    @Phioxee, really? 11 years gap? wow! one decade difference. But I'm sure you'll always be your kuya's girl. Kahit away minsan, love parin. I'm sure your boyfriend went through eye's needles baka siya nakapasa.

    @Arvin, your toughest sibling is the most memorable right? naalala mo siya kasi you share moments. Fighting moments haha! Thanks Arvin for always leaving comments..

  5. @Phioxee, ay needle's eye pala. Wow mali hehe

  6. kwentuhan mo sana kami ng mga pinakaworst at pinakafunny na pinagawayan nila... hehe

  7. Hi Glen! one thing I remember nangyari recently tinago ng eldest ko yung Kitty. Nilagay niya sa Fita biscuit box and he sealed it. Kawawang kitty. Nag wimp na yung pusa kaya narinig nung bunso. Hinanap namin ayos buhay pa naman. This, and other incidents like "fishing" from the toilet bowl, brawling sa floor ng church at kung ano ano pa hehe.. Kids!

  8. My sister and I used to fight all the time. I would pull her hair and pinch her while she would bite any part of my body she could get her teeth on. And then I'd tell her we just found her in a trashcan somewhere. Fortunately, there came a point when we were just inseparable....super sundo. And then now, it's so sad that we have drifted apart. It's just that, we don't fight anymore.

  9. Hi Claire! haha you told her that? but really sometimes even a bad fight between siblings can turn into a good memory. Ang sweet ninyo magkapatid hehe