Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let's Take Away Those Monday Blues

As I read from Francis Kong's blog (feel free to click the link found down below at the left side): the wishbone will never replace the backbone says Will Henry. But to live life with joy, always be conscious that you too have a funnybone. I say with the war happening in Algeria?, or the rob-out in Atimonan? or the Manong Driver who kept on spitting every 10 seconds and his saliva flew through the window all over you, yes you could use some humor.

Don’t grow tired of finding comedy even in littlest thing. After all life is what you make it. Don’t turn sour each day. Think young, there’s a big difference between laughing and being laughed at.

Here are people I found hilariously funny in their own genre.

  1. Jessica Zafra- not a professional comedian, but a professional writer. She writes well and I like her for being both witty and funny.
    “If you're on a plane and the person in front of you starts slowly tilting to one side, it means he's letting out a fart. Take cover!”

    1. Jon Santos- one of the few local comedians that I think deserves to be on this list. His impersonations of local celebrities and politicians are hilarious. Although he is not a "purist" stand-up comedian since he wears costumes, he is a complete performer and actually writes his own materials. 
    2. “Pag una pa lang kayo nagkita, court of first instance ‘yon. ‘Pag nagandahan na kayo sa isa’t isa that is court of appeal. ‘Pag todo todong kayo na that is already the supreme court. Pero ‘pag sobra na kayong close, eh, ibang court na ‘yon, Victoria’s Court.”

    3. Vice Ganda- a stand up gay comedian, once featured at Readers Digest Asia for being one of the best Filipino humorists. I find him funny, although offensive at times.

        Sumakay siya ng jeep na walang laman papuntang palengke)
        Vice: Manong bayad po.
        Manong1: Ilan ‘to?
        Vice: Ay manong dalawa yan, nakakahiya kasi sayo, kahit ako lang mag-isa
          sakay mo, dalawa na ibabayad ko,
          libre na kita kahit sayo ‘tong jeep.
          (Bababa na sya)
          Vice: Manong, para.
          Manong: Bababa ka na?
          Vice: Ay hindi manong, sasakay ako. Sasakay ako ulit, dun naman ako sa bubong, mas presko kasi dun.

      • Bob Ong- a skilful Pinoy writer, who like Jessica Zafra, both witty and smart in his writing style. Until now he hides in his pseudonym and has never appeared at any book launching, not even his own, nor on TV.

      "Ang pag-ibig parang imburnal...nakakatakot mahulog... at kapag nahulog ka, it's either by accident or talagang tanga ka.."

      The world is already full of bitter, boring, selfish, serious looking individuals.

      So why not change it one joke at time?


      1. Kanina lang nanonood ako ng GGV ni Vice Ganda. Sumakit ang panga ko kakatawa. Hangan ako sa mga taong magaling magpatawa. :)

        Thanks for this post. Happy na ang Monday ko :P

      2. Hi Arvin! he is really funny as in Baklang funny. I always watch GGV kahit mag isa lang ako hagalpak talaga. Iba kasi ang humor nya ok and timing at witty. Nga lang epal minsan sa co-host haha!

      3. Ung examples mo dito lola m ay similar sa ginagawang sketch ni michael v sa bubble gang na mr. assimo. Isa sya sa mga hinahangaan ko naman na whenit comes to writing. Para sa akin very talented si michael v 😊

      4. Oo nga margj. Ini ispoof na kasi ni Michael V si Vice Ganda. Isa rin sya sa paborito ko. Hindi ko lang siya naisama but yes he is also very good in comedy. Matalino pa..

      5. While reading your post, I can't help but laugh out loud (even if I'm in the office). All features here are equally funny in their own ways.

        And yes! Life should be taken one day at a time and at times less seriously. Do it in an approach that lightens you up.

      6. ako kahit naiinis kay Vice minsan, napapatawa pa din ako... hihi.
        the best talaga ung book ni Bob ong, sarap basahin ng paulit ulit, hihi :)

      7. gusto ko rin ang book ni bob ong. kulit ng humor nya. isama mo na si ramon bautista. :)

      8. @ Jay, okay na napatawa ka ng post ko hehe. pang de-stress narin 'ika nga. Totoo ka ang buhay hinde kina career dapat chill lang..

        @Jessica, very true. Sikat talaga si Bobg Ong. I have a book nung katulad dito sa post ko. Ayos sa kakapahiram nawala na lang...

        @ Kotz, alam mo tama ka okay din si Ramon Bautista. Nakalimutan ko lang siya isama dito. Next time hehe

      9. Natawa naman ako sa mga punchlines nila lalo na kay vice hehe. Ayos. Don't take life so seriously!

      10. Hello! Gusto ko rin si Bob Ong. Your blog is really cute and the entries are great!

        Have a nice Sunday!