Thursday, January 3, 2013

You say Goodbye, I say Hello!

After surviving a month of overindulgence of spaghetti and menudo, and massive amounts of bad cholesterol from lechong manok and lechong baboy, and overdose of sugar from fruit salad, graham cake and ice cream which is enough to make frosting for a small planet, and not to mention the empty calories and umay factor of MMFF movies (will anyone tell me when Enteng Kabisote and Shake Rattle and Roll will end?), today really is the beginning of a new world.

Apparently the Mayans are right in a sort of way.

And about this time everyone is also compelled to do their resolutions. They are tricky little bastards, aren’t they? Every year I make several resolutions, and by the end of January, they're usually forgotten, much like Jessica Sanchez after she came in second on American Idol.

Most years, I also find that somehow, no matter what I resolve to do, the opposite usually happens. Zumba? nakakain ba yun?

Since that's the case, I've finally smartened up a little and have decided to resolve to do the opposite of what I'd like to do. Without further ado, I am happy and excited to present to you:

    1. Screwed at life. This includes, but is not limited to: forgetting to shower for days at a time, being incredibly rude to other living things especially flying insects, and continue to carry books inside my bag for the whole year without reading them. All because Angry Birds are so much fun compared to them.

    2. Gain Twenty Pounds. Do I need to lose weight? Yes. Do I want to? Sure. Am I willing to stop eating Tortillos and brownies? No. So, I knew it was stupid to make a resolution that I wasn't going to stick with. In fact, I would love to have even bigger arms, and my thighs are FAR too thin for my liking! Let's fatten them up, shall we?

    3. Take really crappy care of my house. Continue to not know how to do things such as sew buttons back on clothing, properly iron my clothes, and put off doing laundry until husband is out of clean underwear.

    4. To be more vain.. Spend all of my money on my dry hair, cracked nails, and other material things such as shoes, bags, etc. etc.

Kidding aside, all the goals and objectives we set are good parameters to see how are we becoming as a person, wife, neighbor or in any roles in between. It is like a little target we can check if we hit or miss. And like a game, in case we lose, we can start over and over again. There is no rocket science to explaining life’s success or failures. It is our perseverance and strength of will to go on despite of our present circumstances that all matters.

So friends, what were your resolutions?


  1. Wala eh.. walang resolutions.
    for me, just breathe.. enjoy grateful.

  2. I already posted my goals sa blog ko. Good luck sa resolutions mo :) Maaachieve yan :)

  3. i don't have resolutions eh, hehehe.. natawa po ako sa kelan mageend ang Enteng Kabisote and Shake Rattle and Roll !? kelan nga kaya anu po? hmmmm

  4. ako di no resolutions.. kung nakakain lang ang Zumba baka maya maya akong nag zuzumba hehehehe

  5. ayoko ng new year's resolution para wala new year's problem. hehehe corny lang! hahaha. have a legendary 2013

  6. watch out na lang for my blog

  7. Hi Ms. Malou,

    The lists are so cute. yay, I don't have a resolutions but a new goal perhaps will do :)

  8. Hi Malou,

    I got a big kick out of this post; they all sound like very admirable resolutions! I by-passed making resolutions for New Year's long ago ha-ha!

    By the way, please check my latest blog entry, as I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!

    Best regards to you and your lovely family!