Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Because It's Valentine

Since when was the last time you went geeky? crazy? slave? because of love. Did you ever try doing the most unimaginable thing just because you are so over-the-moon in love with a person? If anything, romance as they say is tempestuous. You don’t love hard enough if you never had done something so hilarious, funny, dramatic, suspense-filled, death-defying, shocking action when you're in a relationship.

Or may be you’re contemplating on staying single all your life. All because you think there are lots of more important things to do and think about rather than jump on the bandwagon. And you have decided that your heart is not a plaything to do with whatever mind wants. After all, it’s the brain that tells your heart what to feel. Heart just pumps blood.

But whatever your analyses are, people become more interesting when they are starting to fall in love, already in-love, and falling out of love.

Take these cues from UP professor, writer, TV comedian, Ramon Bautista on his TUMBLR account. Funny that he is still single, but this guy seems to know a lot about relationships than many of us do.

Girls, hear this out:

If only men can tell this straight to our face

I hope you all do your part to consume as much sugar, ice cream, cake and chocolate as possible.

Advance Happy V-day my friends!

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  1. bwahahaha natawa naman ako doon sa last part.. pa kunswelo nalang...kaya naman pla ayaw manligaw kasi hindi naman pala gusto talaga