Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Plans

The little boy is turning 8 on Friday, and so this stuff-toting, budget-conscious mother is thinking ways to make him feel a bit more special on that day. If it will fall within the budget, I like to have it different from his previous birthdays. However, we can’t afford anything pricey now. Although I would love to surprise him with the latest models of cell phones, you know those that begin with a lower-case “i” like iPhone, iPad, etc. but these are unlikely as of the moment. He’ll have to wait until he is older and more responsible.

And since these technological gewgaws are impractical, I thought these places can be his other options to spend the Big Day

What else can tickle the mind of an 8-year old but the wonders of Science? Try the Mind Museum at Taguig City and experience looking at flowing lava and see him amazed with the giant replica of astonishing T-Rex. Grawrr!
The boy will surely be delighted with the now becoming famous swimming pool waves. Amana Water Park will certainly entertain him all afternoon playing with waves, gliding down water slides and be mesmerized with the giant superhero stone sculptures of this resort. However, it’s a wee bit far and so the budget may double up because we need to rent a van.
This is another interesting place to visit. The boy had been there during one of his educational trips. Museo Pambata is open daily except Monday. I say, this is more interesting than the National Museum if it’s the kids you want to keep amused.
And finally, sign him up to Jollibee Summer Worshop and make his summer Jolly happy. This is a one week summer class where they are to meet twice a week. They will do art, prepare meal and make new friends. They will be given own uniform and have graduation later on. Not bad.

I am excited for him to do any one of these.

Do you have 8-year old? what would you do to entertain him? May be we can share ideas.

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