Monday, April 9, 2012

How Was Your Long Weekend?

Have your spare Snickers handy because you're about to have the laziest, dreariest and idlest Tuesday tomorrow when you are back to work. And for lack of better tonics, may be Snickers can give you the stimulant you need to boost up. You see long weekends can be really sedating at times. So snap out of it and do it, earlier the better. End of long days of basking in the sun, lazy walk along dreamy beach, and bloody spending of money. And in case you didn't leave the town and just stayed at the house, and watched all teledramas available on TV, yes that too will end tonight. I know this will be hard for all of us. As scary as I imagined childbirth. However, there is also the option of avoiding all these anxieties.Here are my other thoughts so far this Monday morning
  • If I was a mature person I would admit that the first screw up of my going back to slavery aka work was my own fault since I didn't realize that long weekend is not designed for me live in fantasy where what I do with time, energy and intelligence is not important. Long day off is time to revitalize and to catch up some rest so you can face work with more rested and refreshed you, and thereby leading to good level of productivity.
  • Accept that work is a part of life and nothing good come out from idling and wasting time away. I have a more than healthy spine. I am lucky because I'm able to walk and move and finish some sort of things that I will be later compensated for. Not bad.
  • I don't know why I like to harass myself, but not only can I not resist a challenge, but I have to take that challenge and make it even more difficult. Work is one good way to challenge yourself. You can either go around it and make people believe you made an insurmountable contribution, or really work hard and the belief that you have actually contributed to the good organization and efficiency of the company is all the more rewarding.
So there you have it, my lovelies. Remember, if you don't like your work, you'll need three times the energy but if you look at it not as a curse but an opportunity, you work no more. For when you like it, is work no longer but sheer enjoyment.

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