Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taking Extra Fat to the Next Level

You know what else comes when you hit 30’s? Aside from raising stubborn teens, you also gain stubborn fat. Fat that won’t come off easily. This so because older people metabolize fat slowly. They don’t burn calories fast like younger people do. And the result? Saggy arms, bulging stomachs and fatty hips. All these while facing early mid-life crisis.

But I guess you know this already.

I am not fat my whole life. But I can’t recall myself being skinny even before either. Not too heavy but I was always on the round side, that’s why I’ve been in and out of gyms for many times. As I’ve said before I have great aversion for dieting. I love dinner like I love my breakfast. I can’t start the day without them.

And so this new craze is for me.


It's exercise, sure, but it's really dancing.

When I hear the sultry Latin beats I swing my hips like Shakira. I cumbia like Selena, and I salsa like Gloria Estefan.

I feel like one of Christina Aguilera's backup dancers.

The truth is, there are very specific circumstances that are enabling me to do this.

  • It’s free. Who doesn't love free? It was actually better than free. It was like someone handed me P16,500.00 which is equivalent to one-year membership to Gold’s Gym. Only I don't have to pay taxes on it.
  • My kids are all big enough that it's OK for me to be a couple of hours late two nights a week. One of my girlfriends was telling me how frustrated she is that she can't exercise more. She has a one year old. When I had a one year old, I sure couldn't work out. At all. He won't be one forever. When he's ready, you can think about getting ready.
  • My husband has been willing (and able) to go home early and watch kids on workout days. Although we pay someone to look after the children, I am more comfortable that he himself gets them dinner, gets them cleaned up and in jammies. This is huge. Without this, forget it.
  • The work out place is near my house. In fact, it’s right beside hubby’s store where he works as a Manager. This convenience is critical. I guarantee if he ever decides to move, he better consult with me. Because if he moves too far away, I'm done.
  • Lastly, I did found a new environment and meet new friends. A healthy, happy environment, and health happy friends. I say I became happier, more up beat. Although I am so sore after the calisthenics, I like what the endorphins does to me.
So far.

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