Monday, April 23, 2012

Saying ‘I Love You, Son’ With Kiss All Over the Place

I am not sure you are aware, blogging has made me a tell-all mother ever since I got into writing blogs. And being a son, you will not be spared like your father and eventually your little sister into this little side journey of on-line diary. Why you ask, doing this thing? Because whether my post is a lot of nonsense or a serious one, this is where your mama chills out a bit. Especially when days are harder and life is cruel. You see, I don't feel things lightly, and I listen to what my feelings tell me.

You are a blessing, have I told you that? Not only because you are my spitting image. What a big head you have when you came out. Of course I know that a baby's head is disproportionately large compared to its body and thin neck. And the mystery ends when I ran into old family photos and saw my enormous cranium. Yes, you are my son alright.

Your father and I had crazy days and nights raising you. How’d we felt terrified each time you catch fever. You see, your terrible tonsil played a big part of your childhood. You are forever with tonsillitis sending you frequent bouts of high fever convulsions. Oh how I want to cut from my memory that fateful night when you turned blue. I thought you were going to die. But the Lord is good, he so loves me, he let you live.

I love you, you are my first born. I will never let anything harm you. I will fight to death if anything or anyone put you down. They don’t know what we’ve been through. Too sad, your father and I are not born rich and so you will not inherit from us a castle or a huge farm or big stocks to big time companies. But surely, we will always have in mind what is best for you. Hope you grow up to be a God-fearing individual. Keep up the good work, and if ever I die and live again, I would still like to be your mother.

Just promise me two things: to always keep an eye on your little sister, and don't talk to strangers.


  1. What a wonderful post, very touching and heartwarming. My parents also were of very modest economic means, but they sure provided us (5 of us) with so much love and a great upbringing. A strong and loving family means so much more than money, and I think the kids that come from a family with some economic challenges are often stronger and better prepared for success than many of their peers.

    Your post reminded me of my Mom, who passed away last year at almost age 79, taking wonderful care of me when I got sick as a child -- like your son with the fever and tonsilitis, I got strep throat fairly often when I was little and got really high fevers (105 degrees F) and was miserable. She and my Dad spent a lot of worried nights staying up with me. But there were also much more joyous and happy memories too. I am sure your son (and daughter) will have a wonderful relationship with you and your husband and will always remember all of the sacrifices you and your husband have made for your family, and taking care of him while he was sick, just like he will also always cherish the wonderful and fun times! A much belated Happy Mother's Day to you and a somewhat late Happy Father's Day to your husband!

  2. Hi Malou! I kept on calling you littleyana on my blog comments. Browsing thru I just noticed that the blogsite named Malou-Alberto.

    Anyway, this blogletter is so touching. Made me imagine what we've been thru with Jephi (Seraphim ) for almost 2 years. Really, motherhood is tears and joy rolled into one spread with endless emotions.

    Kisses to your son and to yana :)

  3. Thanks Buzz & Mutya! Children not only made us good parents but good people in general. Although at times in the midst of their brawls and fighting, I wished being single again haha!