Monday, April 2, 2012


by Littleyana

I too have wondered
What you see in me
I tried so much without success
I can’t think the inner mystery
People wonder where the secret lies
I lie, I curse, I laze
Phenomenal woman
Lord, that’s too far from being me
You may have done it differently
You can shoot me with your words,
You can cut me with your eyes
But you still took the lonely cross to die
Oh Lord, you are amazing
You hold me in the palm of your hand
But who am I kiddin’?
For tomorrow again I will lie
Nailing you back, again and again
Always going back to the slavery chains
My mouth spilling words, all profanities
Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing
Bu my salvation does not depend on me
Or my knowledge how to live life right
Your grace transcends above all
In the flush of love's light
I can be me, I can like me
I am righteous, because You died for me
No old memories of guilt pleasures
Or ancient histories of pain
Thank you Lord, we rest in your finished work
Help us to remember your sacrifice always
To live, to rest, to take life easy
Because you gave your life, your all for me


  1. beautiful! :) Incomparable love.

    I think about my sins and how sinful they are and i think about you, Oh Lord, and in an instant my sins are gone.

    Happy Holy week :D

  2. Hi thanks for the thought. Its really hard to change because we really are sinful. But thanks to the forgiving Lord, he does not condemn. He so loved us He accept us for what we are!! Thanks Tabulyogang!