Friday, March 30, 2012

Goodbye March

I love my February than my March this year. I know that we should be thankful for every thing, and I already see that nothing good come out from ranting and moaning. I possibly could have appreciated March, and having to like it for its cold rainy nights, but then of course my husband had Transient Ischemic Attack ((abbreviated as TIA, often referred to as mini stroke) middle of this month and was hospitalized for 2 days and has no health insurance. I should have liked March because have I befriended an old-time college pal and we are now talking again, but this same month almost turned me into an eyewitness to a shooting crime as well. Should I have not changed my way to my aerobic class one early morning, I could have witnessed the killing of a woman left dead along the road. Bystanders said she was shot exactly the time I was passing through the street. Husband told we should live somewhere else more safe. Good point, darling. Only, you need at least one million to change address.

But March is good to me all in all and here’s the breakdown:

1.I learned to dance Zumba and everytime I do it I imagined myself as Jena Dewan dancing with half clothed Channing Tatum.

2.I learned few things such as the TO Screenshot I made to my recent post.

3.Living and getting through premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which means surviving
intense physical discomfort and frequent bouts of mild depression.

4.Ready to admits to faults and getting a tiny bit more matured each day.

5.Finally, I discovered hubs’ severe addiction to Losartan. I told him once to stop
taking them because his kidneys may suffer, but was told back it quiets his blood

Well, I know you can never have all the good things in life. But at least you still have 'life' to be thankful for.

Thank you all friends for attending the circus that is my brain.~

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