Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Putting His Dancing Shoes On

There’s a reason the area immediately inside the entrance to the supermarket is unoccupied some days. Ordinarily these are the spots where promotional items and bargains are placed. And if you’ve ever wondered why suddenly the sales people gathered around where they should be scattered every where in the grocery store, it’s not because the store managers are dingbats. Same reason why selling areas cannot be dance floors.

Did you ever experience buying at your local grocery and when you’re just about to pick up your eggs, you will be surprised by what looks like a half time show? After a split second you realized you’re watching a dance presentation. At first, you’ll ask why. But unfortunately the moment passes all too soon before you can make actual sense of it.

In fact the shoplifters had just left taking the whole entertainment center with them.

But really, the sellers and supermarket owners have studied us. They observed how we shop and now they’re using entertainment to boost our “dwell” time: the length of time we spend in a store.

Often people react in different ways. Some of the comments are:

  • That’s amazing!.
  • It’s a metaphor for the clash of civilizations, the collision of the traditional noisy, disordered palengke and the modern shopping experience as expressed by hips and butts bumping and flying around.
  • Ano ba yan, may mga tao talagang walang magawa. (What the hell, some people have too much time on their hands.)
  • Kulang sa pansin ang mga yan. Ibigay mo sa kin ang numbers nila at papansinin ko sila. Those guys clearly need attention. Give me their numbers, I’ll give them attention.)
  • I wish I can dance that well.

But with a tiny bit of something that almost resembles the closest that I come between shame and pride, I posted his video here. Oh well Hubs could dabble as a dancer for extra cash.

Well danced, Hubs. Well danced.


  1. Huwaw! So is that the new gimmick na in the supermarkets/department stores? Dyan ba work si Jun? Partner kayo, lola M. Kanta ka, sayaw sya. O di ba! Hats off ako sa kanya :-)

  2. Hehe. yes gimik yan dito ngayon. Ikaw na ang dancer sa loob ng supermarket. Dati palakpak lang ngayon may dancing na! Mag practice muna ko ako ng Nicki Minaj song hehe..

  3. uso na talaga ang flash mob kunwari. lalo na sa supermarket hehehe

  4. saw something like this before in Puregold Batangas :P

    and then i kept on staring on the most gorgeous guy :)

    from Myxilog with love <3