Thursday, March 14, 2013

Those Big Fat Lice

Warning: This post covers extremely delicate and sensitive information. It may trigger you to feel itchy.

Something really, really bad happened here recently. It was hard to know whether to write about it on my blog or not. When I found about it, I was so ashamed. I felt sick, embarrassed and well, itchy. Dealt with it as best I could.

But I'm ready to write about it now.


Who, me?

We are not really lice family. But I noticed it first with the little girl furiously scratching her head one day. Continuously digging her head with her little fingers. Although she seemed not mindful of it, but I was almost sure of one filthy, vermin-ridden shocking truth: she got nits. So I checked her hair.


And there was a very likely chance that all of us had headlice too. Except for Hubs who had recently dyed his hair. I remembered a rumor I'd once heard that hair dye kills headlice.

So what does a mother do?

Every night, while asleep I turn her to one side and begin to look for the eggs. The back of her neck was embedded with bites, which her long hair hid.

How utterly revolting are the eggs - and so tricky to miss. You can get every single egg but if you miss just one?

It's the one egg, to rule them all. And it hatches and you start all over again.

The next day I bought what is needed. A wire comb. Every night, combing and sifting Yana’s hair has become a routine.

Last night, like a serious hunter I searched for them with my flashlight. The bulb on the ceiling offered too little help. I wonder where to borrow head lamps next time.

Really why does headlice exist? Do they serve any purpose? No wonder Buddhist monks shave their heads ... they're never face with the moral choice of killing headlice.

Tell me you're jealous of my life.


  1. Hmmmnnnnn.... I feel you in this pst. hahahaha...

    Nakaka-relate kasi may ganyan din ako dati... grade 6 na yata ako meron pa ako niyan eh... hehehe

    Mabuti na lang nawala, may effective na shampoo for that, I forgot lang the name... tsk

  2. Oh no.I hate head lice... thats not really good to the kids health. anyway, there's many shampoo maybe, try different or any remedies for lice go away ..

    Thanks for the comment. I follow your blog hope to talk to you later :-)

  3. My sister has head lice and so had I. Thankfully, we got rid of it full time around grade 2 or 3! YEY! :D

    Bwisit lang yung kutong na yan, grabeh sumipsip ng dugo!

  4. Good idea to cut her hair short muna so it'll be easier to manage the nits and lice. Try the shampoo na rin. Mahirap yan, kasi madaling mag spread. Hope the problem gets solved soon!

  5. I can feel you, recently lang my adorable son had " kuto's", ilokano term for lice.
    Everyday i see to it na may oras akong bukat katin ang ulo niya until nawala na lahat.
    I guess thats pretty normal kasi pwedeng mahawaan sa school/ mga classmates niya.
    Ako din nung bata ako eh hehehehe.
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog!

  6. ate malou, I must say little yana is so cute! :) And so pretty too!

    Haha, i only have one solution for that and it is effective: use 2 sachet of shampoo on her head everyday. Lice wont be able to stay for too long. Effective yan promise :0 hehe

  7. nakupo usong uso yan ngayong tag init kasi bilad sa araw ang mga bata...
    wawa naman ang cute cute nag ka lisa

  8. i've got lice before, nung bata pa po ako, kakairita, lalo na kapag summer, kahit nawala na, bumabalik pa rin :( i used different shampoos before, pero ngayon, nawala na lang po bigla, im using Palmolive now. :)


  9. Thanks all! Senyor, Petit, Zion, Margj, Sherene, Sheena, Genskie & Lady. Salamat as inputs niyong lahat. Hirap talaga ng may kuto haha! tama shampoo with conditioner everday tapos short hair cut at matiyagang paghihinguto every night..

  10. felt itchy reading too! ahhaha. but something to talk about when they grow up. :) phase.

    following you. see you around.

  11. i wrote an entry on KUTO some 2 years ago. maybe this can shed light..hehehe

  12. nung kabataan ko dalawa lang ang sagot diyan.. suyod at gaas lol

    wag lang sisilaban! buti nga ngayon may gamot na

  13. Natawa ako sa gaas! grabe naman. Fire prevention month pa naman haha!

  14. The children are more prone to it,especially if they attend school/nurseries etc..
    Parents are ashamed of it-so instead of warning the teachers they keep it a secret, my son went home from the nursery, and he kept on scratching his head,Ohhh boy I massacred about 30 of them, not counting the eggs...and bought this shampoo that kills lice..and we all used it for a couple of days or so until we're all lice free...arghhh, thinking about it, makes me itch..:)

    (arghhh--i can't figure out the captcha!)

  15. @ Aleckx (tricky yun spelling ha) nabasa ko yun 'kuto' post mo hehe ang kati lang!

    @ Cecille, tingin ko sa yaya ko galing. My daughter is not attending school yet. Ako rin i feel itchy talking about it.