Monday, April 1, 2013

Lest We Lost Them

He went missing for nearly half an hour…was not where he was supposed to be. I thought I lost him forever, thought I would never see him again and my whole body went heavy. I started panicking straight away. You know when your kid is missing and time moves like slow concrete and you think,

"This is it. I will never see him again."

Very hard to breathe.

Twenty minutes I walked around, calling his name. Started to cry, rushed out onto the shore shouting his name. Like, SHOUTING his name. All the possibilities exploding in my brain.

But just as we thought of calling the police, he was found. Was crying and frightened, said he was very hungry. A sort of mixed emotions rushed in.

Utterly, hopelessly in love with this guy so hard

"He's alive? Great. Now, I'm gonna kill him."

This happened last Friday, at the beach. Hubs, as usual, had a job to attend to and cannot afford to come. But I took the two children anyway and was hoping to end the day well tanned and relaxed.

He's only eight - almost nine. I give him freedom and trust, rules, boundaries, jobs. I tell him ... I know it's hard being a kid. Sometimes I'm not such a great mother and I bend at the pressure of it all, this constant being in control of these humans that came out of my body.

So I’ve decided to take the kids in the pool instead. The whole beach seems such a huge place to look for a lost child. In the pool I could always jump to the water for him, or yell or shout like crazy in case he get to the deep area.

When you have children, that's the main thing anybody wants to know:

"Are they good children?" Over and over again. Ended up telling everybody that my children are precious, no matter how naughty and badly behaved they are some days. They pull me up and out every time.

But the thing is, you don't choose your family. Life chooses them for you.

I hope my children grow up and die old.

I hope they will be best mates.

I hope they live big, real, fruitful, rich lives full of laughter and pain and heartache.

I hope if they do get lost in the jungles of life, they know their way home.


Do you have a lost child story? Can anyone relate?


  1. Ramdam ko ang emosyon habang binabasa ko ito...

    cute naman niya....

    ingat lagi diyan... smile always ^^

  2. I am a beach bum and this post of yours gives me an early warning on how to look after my boy when he grows up and when it's time for us to visit a beach.

    Life is precious after all and your child is pretty much more precious than your life - I must say hehe!

  3. Oh, I understand exactly how you felt that very moment, that happened to my daughter when she was only about 6 I think, and we went to this big theme park in England--OMG it was sooo mobbed, my ex hub went to the loo, my son followed him, I was busy taking pictures, and all of a sudden, my daughter went missing...

    I called every Saints I know, believe u me, whilst my husband (then) blaming me...

    Wallah, I remembered she's got her mobile phone with her, phoned her, and she answered, she was calmed, and told her where to go, she went to this fancy candy shop, a famous landmark for the children, and told her not to go anywhere, it was about nearly a kilometre away...and I said,how did you go this far??? she said, she was pushed and pushed with a crowd of people...thinking it was us--I didnt shout at her. am just glad she's safe...

  4. I feel ur emotion while reading this post...

    Tama ka we don't choose our family. Life chooses them for us. Life is full of choices din. We can choose to be happy. Smile na tayo ah :)

  5. Hello Malou ! I do have a lost child story , sadly I am not yet ready to share it with my blogger friends in detail. However I did write a post on my own childhood adventure and I why i chose go home on my own. Here is the link.

    And I hope you like it .

  6. @ Sir Jon, thanks for the nice words. Ikaw din alam ko you have a lot of things going on, so stay happy na lang tayo lagi..

    @ Sir Jay, our children are our life's treasures. Irreplaceable. Mawala na lahat wag lang sila.

    @ Cecille, good thing your daughter had a cellphone. I can't trust my son with a cellphone yet, well not in public places. But I sure can write our contact numbers and insert it in their pockets. This, or tie them in my waist haha!

  7. @ Arvin, choose happiness!

    @ Sarah, I read your post about going home alone. Surely your maturity came early. You took charge of the situation, and you did not blame anyone. Surely adventure it was.

  8. Glad he's safe!

    Reminds me of one of my favorite films, Deep End of the Ocean. Galing ng story. Losing a child and then slowly losing the mother's zest to live...and then found they boy after several years..

    Anyway, always take care of them!