Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In Love With Zumba

I knew it was gonna be unbearably hot. The news said it was the hottest in Manila in the last 3 months at 34 degree Celsius. So I knew there wasn't a breath of wind out. And I knew that I would be miserable within the next 60 minutes.

But I did something I considered to be very brave.

I went back to Zumba yesterday!

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I enjoy Zumba a lot.

The last time I attended was last November. How time flies. And how jiggly my arms have become. The arms that keep me from going sleeveless. Aargh.

This is the place I have been working out.

See the guy in yellow short? 

Lovely, isn't it? Bright and sunny.

I have to peek in between heads to see the instructor..

The instructor had us do all kinds of squatty jumpy lungie owie things. Lots of stick your butt out and get low-low-low-low kinda stuff. And then we did J. Lo’s I Want to Dance. Oh how I bopped my hips like a butterfy on cocaine and mambo-ed like a madman on the loose. It. Was. That. Fun!

My strength and endurance have gone through the roof. But I felt lovely & light after the work out. It’s like my spirit lifted up. I was soaking wet. I was red, winded and tired but I was happy. Like crazy-happy.

The hardest part? I was terribly in pain after. Felt like my bones were cracking up in every single move.


  1. 34 degree Celsius!!! That's so hot!!! I will just rather stay indoor for whole day lol!!! =]

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah ang saya I wanna join too :(

  3. pd bang sa taglamig nating gawin yan at para makasali ako? lol...

    mukha namang masaya!

  4. Lola, congrats on going back to zumba! Keep it up, that's important to stay healthy. Just don't forget to hydrate during and after exercise. And I mean water ha, not soda. That's also very important unless you want to faint too, I've gone back to the gym. Let's all lose weight in 2013!