Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Mystery Remains

Ok. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the idiot in this scenario. I guess that’s possible. Maybe I was supposed to realize I needed someone with super human skills to understand my pre-menstrual moods. I spent all day yesterday arguing with myself, my kids and Hubs, growing increasingly disheartened as the day wore on. My mood swings were so terrible, it's almost hellish. 

But what can I do?

Its the Hormone Hostage. You have to know that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth to a woman and takes his very life into his own hands.

And while I neglect to mention on here though is that Hubs is the most patient, most loving person that you will ever meet, there are times he thinks I'm crazy. I was so hot-tempered, I get piqued by little reason so easily. But enduring as he is, and although he snores like a bolting thunder, he puts up with my crazy hormonal moods and this makes him automatically a saint.

And these happen every month.

Well there’s a handy guide, labeled as Dangerous, Safer, Safest and Ultrasafe. When you're bargaining with pre-menstrual women, chocolates are best solutions. And it should be as common as a driver's license in the wallet of every husband or boyfriend when their partner's red flag is up. 

In closing, the difference between a woman on her period and a terrorist is that you can negotiate with a terrorist.


  1. The last time this happened it was a co worker that I have snapped at. I was sleepy, was having a headache and the nurse did not even help simply because she restrained me from talking and consulting to the young company doctor who had lots of patients in line. It was only the day after that I realized what I did and sent a message to the young man I snapped at apologizing for what happened.

    I hate hormonal blues.

  2. @ Pao, ganun yun. Consider it as one of our many talents. Iba kami pag meron. We can kill a bull hehe

    @ Sarah, it was that terrible ha? Parang yung lady hormones natin napapalitan ng man hormones. We're so enraged, ang hirap i-control ng angry feelings.

  3. HAHA! I completely understand. Good thing your hubby is patient :)

  4. O di ba, para tayong si Incredible Hulk. Hehehe

  5. Yes Margj, we do not only turn red, pag minsan green din haha!

  6. I am going through this now haaay as much as I try my best to control it I find myself snapping back at the hubby and lil kid! so not good!