Monday, November 19, 2012

Shopping Guide List For Her

Wondering what to give your wife or girlfriend this holiday? This is why I’ve decided to create my Shopper’s Guide List of what to buy for your female love ones. I am sorry to tell you all that no, this does not guarantee your girlfriends/ wives will love you more. Until my husband still takes me for Atilla the Hun occasionally, you’re all on your own.

Okay so lets down to business. The first thing on my list is inspired by my latest obsession.

The Diet Plate. This is great for ladies who watch their food intakes. The plan is to guide you with accurate portion of carbohydrate and protein foods to facilitate weight loss and maintenance. It can be used just like an ordinary dinner plate. You can eat everything inside the whole plate and not feel guilty. However, the little tagline says you only use one plate. Seriously, if you will have 3 diet plates bursting with steaks, chops and barbeques at the brim this really spoils the idea. Okay?

Foldable Hunter Boots. Good for fashion conscious slash germ-fighting women. This is different from the ones you see in palengke. This is a lot sosy, as they say. Why? Because the late Princess Diana used it before. That's why. This is great in hot pink because pink makes everything cuter. Besides a pair of this will save you from flood-related illnesses. So habagat-friendly.

BDJ Beauty Box. Perfect for young and older ladies alike with incessant need for perfect eye brow. Surprise her with BDJ online subscription and discover why the most dolled up girl in the office is always aware of the latest trend in fashion and know why her lips shape like fish and burning in red. This may astound the husband because her wife can become Ann Curtis over night.

Dismember-me Plush Zombie. For stressed wives who cannot vent their frustrations. The interest in zombies just never dies, does it? Well, if you're tired of being pushed around by the zombies at home, work, gym, school, store, or wherever, take out your frustration on this sucker. Pull him apart. Remove his brain. Give him a taste of his own medicine! Grrr!

ZombieSmarts Desk Calendar. Can be given for stay-at-home Mom or practically any ladies who has someone in the family she wanted to give a heart attack. But more than that, this simple little desk calendar could help you avoid becoming another cerebellum-munching member of the walking dead with its "grisly facts about the history, habits, and hungers of the living dead. Daily you will learn how to combat a zombie invasion". Not to be taken lightly..

So, there you have it, folks: a short and simple list of all of my suggested Christmas gifts for all the ladies.

What do you think?


  1. whhhaaa, the two zombie items hooked my attention. Cool perfect for xmas lalo na ngayon na trending ang the walking dead. lol

  2. yes, perfect for her! unique yang zombie na yan..anti-stress? o baka may ma-stress dyan? hehe. anyway, nice unique list!

  3. i like the folding boots... could be handy.

  4. ang cute nmn ng boots! at ng zombie na pwede e disassemble. hehe

  5. nakakatanggal stress nga ang zombies na yan hehehe

    ganda ng mga list ^_^