Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lets Talk Christmas Niceness

Do you also get sad during the holidays? During the cold, dark nights, some of us get quiet and melancholy and don’t feel like themselves. Many who are separated from the family have nothing in mind but to be at home with their love ones. People’s feelings and sentiments are under that metaphorical microscope so much more these days than any other days in the year. We feel the strongest and get sad the hardest. Sadly the feeling stays until all of the Christmas lights, decorations, ornament are back in the box again. Oh, the emotions. They all so palpable in the air around this time.

So before we get so excited to Christmas parties we are going to attend, and ahead of all the business, chaos and obligations we need to fulfill, let’s take a second to think of the ways we can do to make the season brighter and happier for others. Here’s my suggestions.

Send Real Christmas Cards

Not the electronic or virtual cards hanging around in the internet. That paper card with cute little design on the cover? You know with all the envelop, stamp and stuff? It's a lot more genuine than words and smiley faces on a tiny little screen. You never know. Your little card can go a long way to brightens someone’s day. Too often, we thought that public greetings we post on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram wall are enough. Life gets so hectic that we feel we have to do things faster, easier and cheaper. But this time, why not add a personal touch. Let your kids scribbled the message, and may be you can insert the family’s most recent photo. This will surely bring a smile. All because they feel you remember.

Give a Smile

Remember the thing I said about smile on my valentine post? The same applies when its Christmas . It could very well brighten someone's day. Too often, we walk with our heads down, glued to our cellphones, rarely ever meeting another person's gaze. Sometimes we feel we have to be forever "plugged in", fearing that we'll miss an important call or text. But what could be more important than that face-to-face exchange? So go ahead, and look up. You never know who you might see. Why not even take this smile one more mile and say hello to someone as you pass them on the street? Filipinos are now getting well, a bit aloof because of the hardness of times. We become staid and dull when it comes to social interactions. Now is the perfect time to defy fear and suspicion and say "hello" to someone. And mean it.

Be selfless

It seems, especially during the holidays, that we're so quick to push and shove and push and shove our way to the head of the line like little kids on the playground. We don't care who we push aside in line as long as we find ourselves at the front of it. And we fight tooth and nail if ever someone make singit. But imagined how surprised and taken aback someone would be if you said, "Oh, here, why don't you go ahead of me in line?" And if it's a mom or dad with a full cart and children who have chosen that moment to exercise their lung power? Well, I'm sure they'll be particularly grateful.

How are that, friends? I'd love to hear your own ideas.


  1. you somehow know how an OFW feels during these seasons. you can not really imagine how lonely it could be out here... away from our loved ones.
    you are right... a simple christmas card mean a lot.
    thanks for understanding
    miss you guys!

  2. I think people are sad during the holidays because too much emphasis is placed on the wrong things. Simplicity is always the better option.

  3. @ Dio, it's a good thing Loi is with you. At least you have your Papa Bear to cuddle when snow gets colder. Take heart, lilipas din ang pasko lilipas din ang lungkot..

    @ Floral, i couldn't agree more. Sometimes we get hyped by all the material things when its christmas. If we get down to basic, its still love within the family that's most important. Thanks for the comment!

  4. I sometimes have that feeling of sadness too during the holiday seson but all those are forgotten the minute I am with my family. Nothing can beat just being with them even with a simple meal after hearing the midnight Mass.

    This Xmas I would like to experience joining the carolling with my kids. They may have all grown up but we are one group were the neighborhood look forward in singing simply because of our voices complementing each other in unison. Music really does wonders especially during the holidays season.

  5. Hi Sarah! What you said is true. No matter how unbelievable the problems in the family are, our husband and kids are but earlier piece of heaven for us. Even though sometimes we do things we hate, perhaps that is what it means to be family. You're willing to sacrifice. Thanks for the follow!

  6. Ngayon lang ako sad this coming holiday dahil malayo ako sa Pinas :) Thank u for the tips. More than material things eto ang kailangan ko. Lalo na ngayon :)

  7. Christmas is a season of sharing and giving. During the holidays, I join gift giving events. I also initiate a Jollibee party for the less fortunate kids annually..My small way of giving back for the many blessings God has provided me.

    To be able to put a smile to others- that can't be bought. :)

    Have a happy Christmas!

  8. @ Direk aleckx: Oh wow,what you're doing is so noble. I can only imagine how happy you made the kids feel. In their eyes, you are Santa. Hats off, Sir Aleckx!