Sunday, November 4, 2012

First on My Wish List

As you know, this blog has ushered you, my beautiful friends, into a holiday sense of way. Oh how I love Christmas, no matter how stressful and nerve-racking it can be. It always delights us into something only a child in heart can appreciate and relate with.

And if you are a reader of this blog, you will know that we live in a semi-complete, 2-story structure, with open holes and unpainted walls and a comfort room that‘s all toilet bowl. No vanity, no shower, frosted glass or that stainless towel bar or that glittery mirror over bowl.

Really, how can a person possibly decorate a” dump”?

But then I saw this!

Oh how I love, love, love the idea...beautiful ceramic tiles printed with digital images. For some reason this is exactly what I want to have. Out of wit and imagination, I already visualized it to be filled with images possibly of birds or trees or may be inspiring words to live by, or may even family photos. I wonder how many poems, blogs, plans, castles in the sky will crop up in mind while seated on the porcelain pot. Nasty to think, but accept that sometimes we become our most productive when we are attending to the calls of Mother Nature. Our imaginations fly away, as well as thoughts and introspection about life and we often leave the bathroom already with answers to world peace.

Don't you think so?


  1. You will get it if you wish hard enough. but having your own place is a great accomplishment already... so close your eyes and wish harder, it may come true faster than you dreamed of.

  2. Exactly. Alam mo naman pag bago ang house parang ang sarap mag imagine what to put inside. Ikaw ang alam kong magaling sa interior design. Only if you are here..