Sunday, May 5, 2013


Talking about mental illness is a slippery eel. If one went to hospital almost because of a broken leg? Completely legit. But if one went to hospital for a broken mind? A shame for life. A stigma you can never redo.

Thing is, they're mostly just like you and me. Mostly just doing their best. You would never guess if you walked past them in the street. Or see them on TV. Sometimes we were probably too busy thinking about basic things like food and water and shelter and forget about other basic stuff like the monsters in our mind.

Everybody experiences mood shifts in daily life, but with bipolar disorder these changes are extreme. A person may be quite unaware of these changes in their attitude or behavior. After a manic phase is over, they may be quite shocked at what they've done and the effect that it has had.

Inside a bipolar mind, the streets are crazy, no traffic lights. Things just zoom around and get away with it.

Like monstrous waves crashing on sharp rocks.

And these are feelings these people must be feeling right now.

Catherine Zeta-Jones checked into facility for Bipolar care
20-year old Demi Lovato had series of rehabs for substance abuse disorder, bulimia and bipolar..
Isabella Gonzales (daughter of Kuh Ledesma):
"I'm not ashamed to admit it. I was diagnosed at 17. It's genetic since I have it on my dad's side"

The two psychologists I flew with to Cebu confirmed that the popular young star currently in a family war is indeed a patient. Of a psych ward. Currently undergoing therapy for Bipolar II.


  1. Akala ko joke joke lang ito...di ko alam na it can be that serious.
    You're right kung physical illness ang ipapantingin na accepted ng society kakaawaan ka pa..pero mental illness panghuhusga ang makukuha mo.

  2. Very true Genskie. May stigma ang may mental health issues. Actually lahat naman may neurosis pero mild lang. Pero yung may bipolar mahirap. Especially pag inde nila alam.

  3. Ganun pala. Kala ko wala lang yung bipolar na yan. Yung tipong naipangalan lang. Pwede palang maging serious. Ako yata ay bipolar din daw. wag naman sana. hehe

  4. Hi Arvin! medyo nabasa ko nga yung blind item about you hehe. Super ingay sa blog pero tahimik in person..hmmm. Baka nga? Joke lang!

  5. really? ive heard about Kuh's daughter being a bipolar but i did not think it was that serious.

    It's horrible when one does not know that he or she is a bipolar. Baka kailangan mag meditate 2 quiet the mind. You know, so we can use it and not let it use us instead. But what do i know?

  6. Some people are too ashamed to admit it--I dated a guy before who's bipolar, I was the one who diagnosed him, but he denied it..

    One minute he's mega happy and hyper, the next minute am with him, he's so negative, grumpy, paranoid and causing a fight all the time...sometimes he will make a big fuss of just simple things..then it will upset me for days, then he'll come back to his happy mode again, like nothing I googled the symptoms for bipolar, and he's exactly the same as they described. I asked him to get some help, and he went ballistic, but I couldn't handle it, cos he was stressing me out too...that's why i ended it with him...:( shame.

  7. Hi Sheena. Yes,meditation can help however, people with bipolar are easily overcome by their feelings. Depending on the severity, they have difficulty staying sober. They exchange moods so easily.

    Hi Cecille. It was good you noticed it earlier. It will probably difficult to be in a relationship with someone denying he doesn't need help. Bipolar is very treatable. Medicines are pricy but already available.

  8. At times,akala ko bipolar ako..pero nasa 'sane zone' pa naman ako :)