Monday, May 13, 2013

Now It’s the Ladies Time to Shine

Now the Philippines has voted. Apparently, the real winners of the 2013 senatorial election must be fans of Da King. Grace Poe is well on her way to becoming one of our senators. Currently on the top spot, her adoptive parents’ name helped people remember her. Now I can hear FPJ cackling in the background.

Truth to be told, I did vote for her. You see, I always like fresh start. I can see the sincerity and her pureness of intention. Now I’d like to see her make good on the senate floor.

However we have to keep exciting now that Madam Miriam Defensor-Santiago is making an exit. So I hope the new comers will be as splendid, and funny, and comical, and crazy as she was.

So what are we looking for this season? Who could possibly replace her?

First was Loren Legarda. She can’t pass for a comedian. She’s too demure, she reminded me of a Muslim princess. However her SALN’s issues are still bones inside the closet. She may always get to the top, wherever she wants to be. However, lying her way to get there will be dangerous because she will be easily get toppled when she’s precariously at the top. Please remember that Loren Legarda judged Renato Corona based on Renato’s lying offense.

Second was Nancy Binay. Her Nanay appeal, would certainly take her to places she’s never been before. Really, its so much easier to read the list of her achievements because face it, it’s kind exhausting reading the laws that Teddy Casino co-authored. A blank white page is more soothing to the eyes. Also I hope she push for the legislation of The Birthday Cake Act.

Third would be Cynthia Villar. It’s kinda hard to like this lady despite her years in the congress. She is not even funny. She looked like my Lola who never learned to crack a good joke. Seriously, she got some shady things under her belt. I don’t know. What I know is a guarantee that we’ll have another Villar to replace the departing Villar.


Certainly non big winners are Mitos Magsaysay, Risa Hontiveros and Jamby Madrigal.

Mitos wasn’t appealing to the masses and I can pin the blame on her strange remark. Yes, she’s the lady who said “Hinde mo pwedeng paghiwalayin ang simbahan at pamahalaan sapagkat ako po ay pinanganak na Katoliko”. I still don’t see the logic of that statement.

Poor Risa, I don’t know if she’ll continue her debate with the still baffled Nancy. She almost won three years ago and I thought she would win this year. But then there will always be next time.

And former presidentiable Jamby, may be she can consider changing career path. I don’t mean that she should go for an even lower position. I mean stop.

And of course, we’ve got a package delivered to us perfectly wrapped with a yellow ribbon. Come 2016, we’ll have Kris Aquino running for congress. I don’t really have a problem Kris trying to divine the spirit of her parents, but are we nearing kingdom come yet? there seems to be no end to this Yellow Fever. If Kris will be the President, I hope I’ll be dead by then.

I’ll make sure of it.


  1. haha! I voted for Grace Poe too! At first i hated her poe poe poe ads! But she's always present in debates so i get to know her more(at least on tv)and i believe too that she has good intentions and she is eloquent as well. As for the rest of the girls mentioned, i did not vote for them.

    As for Risa, i think she's too aggressive and that our country is not yet ready for her. Maybe come 2016. hehe well see :)

    So far, I believe our future's getting brighter. haha So cheers!

    1. Yes we're thinking along the same line. I don't look at Grace Poe like I look at Nancy Binay. The former is way better. and yes you're right there Sheena, Risa Hontiveros seems too strong for me as well...

  2. I found this post funny Malou. At times one can be funny without trying too hard .

    1. Thanks for thinking it's funny, Sarah.

  3. sayang di ako naka vote....

    na enjoy ko ang pagkakasulat mo... ^^

    siguro i vote ko din si GRace Poe kung nasa Pinas lang ako...

    kala ko senador pa rin si mirriam.... siya talaga idol ko hehehe

    1. Idol mo si Mirriam?! ako sa percentage mga 50% lang pag hanga ko. Kasi 50-50 rin lang ang sanity niya hehe

  4. yes, new faces but same old last names.

    I like Grace Poe but did not vote her because I dont like her dragging FPJ in her campaign and interviews all the time. makes me wonder if she's running becoz she really wanted to help or becoz she just want to make her daddy proud (as she'd always say).

    Nonetheless, im giving her the benefit of the doubt. let's see if the newly elected senators will be true to their words. :)

    1. Well may be because that's what her PR people said. May recall kasi pag ginamit niya name ng dad you said let's give her benefit of the doubt.