Friday, April 26, 2013

Above The Clouds

Every woman needs to see the whole world. Wild and Free. There is something almost magical about roaming the earth. In the air. Carried by the wind.

Need to say it was my first time to ride the airplane?

I flew to Cebu. No big deal. But it was the air travel that I enjoyed but fret the most.   Feels like I’ve changed and became more civilized. If anything, I don’t want to die unevolved.

The take off was hard. I have run out of tough and all that’s left me was a crumbling stomach. The small talk somehow saved me, gave me something to focus on. However I thought I kept internally crumbling while maintaining decent conversation with my two companions.

"Your home in the sky..."

Don’t even get me started on my throbbing ears. I couldn't even faked a yawn.

And as they say all the first times are memorable. First turbulence. First air pocket. They kept me constantly breaking into pieces, changing, spinning me towards the heavens and then hell the next.

This portion was smoking all through out..reminded of heaven.

You wouldn’t know it from the photos.

Half-way through the trip, I realized it’s a big world out there. And I was just a speck of dust. What must it be like to feel invisible to the world?

I'm feeling feelings that I can't adequately convey. They must be French feelings .. you know how the French have words that don't exist in English?

Mactan International Airport

Just pure awesomeness!


  1. What an experience!
    I wanna try that too...go travel explore and be free... maybe soon when all I could think of is myself :)

  2. Congrats sa iyong unang paglipad. So medyo me fear of flying ka pala ha. Don't worry, di ka nag iisa. Hopefully you still enjoyed the experience. San na ung danggit ko? ;-)

  3. @ Genskie: You will. Its not bad to treat yourself once in awhile. It is amazing experience to fly!

    @ lola M: Salamat! Alam mo naman ang lola mo late bloomer haha. True, I have fear of heights. Hangang 4th floor lang kaya ko tumingin pababa. Danggit ba kamo? cge treat kita pag balik mo dito pinas.

  4. Yung una takot din akong lumipad pero kailangan lang natin subukan para mawala ang takot natin. Tama ka kapag nakasakay kana ng plane dun mo makikita na ang laki pala ng mundo. Congrats sayo. Go travel na tayo!

  5. I'm always scared every time I'm on a plane. But I love going to new places so I just have to trust God.