Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Mother!

Mother's Day is just three days away, so I'd love to ask: What has your mom taught you?

My mother is quite the pistol. She’ll curse at a bit of disappointment. But whether she is in the hospital for mastectomy or how her crazy moods cracked us all up, she’s an endless fount of wisdom. What I neglect to mention on here though is that my mother is the kindest, most loving person that you will ever meet. She has more kumares, kumpares, inaanak sa kasal at binyag than I do when she was my age. She can eat at our neighbor’s house, play with their kids and spent all afternoon chatting with her friends. She does not know Facebook, but has more friends than I am.

Also she teaches life’s great lessons until now I cannot forget.

1. What she taught me about personal spaces and time.

Respect the one sleeping. Exit out very carefully
if you still want to live one more day

2. What she taught me about pets

Not all pets are cute

3. What she taught me about spending

Check the tags first 
4. That you'd be disappointed but it's okay

So, I'm curious: What has your mom taught you? How to choose a lipstick? How to roast a chicken? How to ask for a raise? How to be a kind person? I'd love to hear their words of wisdom...


  1. If there's one thing that my mom thought me that I would treasure forever is too be strong.
    Being her isn't easy but she made it. Raising me alone, swallowing her pride and not minding the ridicule of the people around her.

  2. she taught me how to be sensitive, she taught me how to solve my personal issue, she taught me how to be practical, she taught me how happy it is even if you live a simple life... Gosh I really miss my mom. Too bad i can't hug her this mother's day...

  3. my mother taught me that in everything i do i should put God first, offer it all to Him so that my plans will be successful :)

  4. My mom taught and inspired me to be the best that I can be and to be passionate in everything that I do. She also taught me to stay humble and keep my feet planted on the ground always and to pay things forward especially to those who need it most.

    Happy Mother's Day Malou, to and to your mom as well.

  5. cool... be cool and pray a lot......
    di nya itinuro sa akin pero yan ang gusto ko talagang with no worries...

  6. Hi Malou! Been a while :)
    My inay would always say..."wag ka magmadali" so simple yet so true. For there's always a time for everything. It was great reading from your page again.

  7. My mama told me when I was young, we are all born superstar! ;) but seriously, She always say to me...if others can do it? You can do it too...never say you can't do anything until you try...

    She also taught me to be strong, be resilient, and how to cook...

    I miss my Mum hope i can kiss and hug her again...

  8. Hi everyone!
    Thanks Genskie and Rix, moms are real superheroes. We are all hoping to have them forever. Kung pwede lang..

    I seconded Jess and Sarah, we owe everything to our moms. Kung pwede lang hinde na tumanda at magkasakit..

    Hi Ric, may be she did not say it, but I think she's happy you learned that your own way.

    Oh Hi Mutya! long time no blog huh? thanks for dropping by. And yes let's take it all slowly but is hard enough.

    Hello Cecille, I hope your mom feels the hugs and kisses now.