Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crawling To The Voting Line

Note: Inspired by a post of fellow blogger Senyor Iskwater, I too have something to say.

Whenever I turn the corner onto that street and see posters and placards sticking out from the roofs of jeepneys all the way to light posts and street walls like obnoxious danger signs, I say uh oh here we go again. You see, I take this two lane road for much of the way to the train station and they are veritable indicators that yes indeed, it’s cirque-de-soliel time aka election. I see mini vans coming with loud speakers banging a campaign jingle ala Justin Beiber, and at my back, another amplifier with recorded campaign slogan.

It would be easy to just rant about the usual fanfare that erupts around this time like seeing a dancing mosquito mascot (aimed to boast a politician’s effort to rid dengue in our place), a wrinkled rooster (all because his last name is San Pedro. Pedro? Peter? crowing chicken? ) and a host of other seemingly science fiction characters from Gollum to Joker to Borta.

That’s only in our town. I am not yet talking about our national candidates.

But since in the spirit of altruism, allow me to do this rare serious, semi-activist type post to throw my two cents about how I feel about the whole thing. And I’m dispensing the pretenses right away and admit that it is only my opinion and have more to do with my own shallowness that it does with my genuine desire to help you pick the right people to roll in the government.

Oh Lord have mercy, where do I begin with these people. I’ll narrow the list to only two categories: will probably vote and will not vote. This includes personalities that are running for national seat in the government. So we see them on TV, newspaper, trash cans, candy wrappers, etc. etc.

Now on to the entry..


Aside it being easier to talk about because it’s amusing and entertaining, these people are both preposterously funny and ridiculous at the same time. Their slogans extremely over-the-top, my brain can’t make the connections.

Patay gutom lang ang tingin sa atin haha!

Her PR people attempt to brand her as "Nanay sa Senado". Heaven help us. 

"I did not cheat. I am clean. I resigned. AND.I.AM.BACK!"

JV's first authored bill? "No To Dynasty"

At the next Upper House: mag-kapatid, mag-pinsan, mag-asawa. Need I say more?

If Franklin Drilon called another senatorial aspirant Jun Magsaysay, ang tunay na Magsaysay, then what is she?

will co-authored JV on No To Dynasty bill


  1. Allan Cayetano 
  2. Grace Poe 
  3. Loren Legarda 
  4. Eddie Villanueva 

No long story to back this up. Probably because until now the list is still subject to change . You know me, my mind has tendency to wander at the best times.


And since the turnabout is fairplay, I have a question. Who do you all think should win?


  1. hahaha natawa naman ako doon sa una..
    tama ka patay gutom lang ang tingin sa atin...
    as for me... hindi ko na iboboto ang mga sikat doon ako sa mga dapat...
    tama na sila masyado na silang yumayaman sa pangungurakot...

  2. Hope that one day there will be a bill on dynasty politics . Goodness but it seems the descendants's fate of these politicians already had been planned long before they were even born.

  3. Glad you and Senyor took time to post such as these then naging aware kaming wala sa Pinas at walang interest sa politics. Thumbs up!

    Nakakatawa ang kanilang mga plataporma at slogans, it really shows na kahit ano nalang kagaguhan ang pinapatulan nila para bumango ang pangalan sa masa.

    Basta vote vote wisely!

  4. I only have 2 senators on my list... I'll be voting for your number 2, Grace Poe, not because she's FPJ's daughter but due to her excellent leadership when she was an MTRCB Chair. She's also a Pol Sci grad.

    I have seen her on debates and she has done her homework and really can say substantial points of views on relevant social issues.

    Agree ako sa list mo. Thanks sa mention ha...

  5. nandito pala si fat meme hehehe

    dami na talagang nagnanais na makaupo sa pwesto....

    sana bumoto ng tama....

    naaliw naman ako sa mga caption...

    ako aaminin ko mula noon hanggang ngayon si Mirriam ang idol ko hehehe.....