Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Reasons Why Thrifting Is Never Easy

Who is the one always harping about paying cash and staying within your budget?


Who is scared to go broke days before the payday?


I pass by department stores everyday to and from work and I see things I think I need but don’t buy. Things is, they are too pricey. Totally out of budget.

So where does a cost-conscious, penny-pinching person like myself go?

The answer is thrift store. Ukay-ukay or Wagwagan,

In hindsight I can tell you that, true to what I had mused about money and lack of it is in the post where I begged for Santa to pay off all of my loans, this choice fit the mold in that it was extremely difficult at the time but ended up being the right one. It’s hard to buy pre-owned stuff right? What if they wore by a dead person? I mean not when he was still alive but say, at his wake?

Oh well, I know they don’t change dead person’s clothing once already inside the coffin. So there really isn’t any chance that they’ll undress him and sell the shirt to a thrift store. But it’s me. I get scared and excited almost by the same things. Remember the post where I related the benefits of buying haunted furnishings and then blogged four days later why horror movies leave me like a zombie. Yes readers, that’s how I rock and roll.

There are so many reasons to love shopping here. For example, I could go on about the amazing P 65.00 never-been used swimwear I wore to the beach where I almost lost a child? The tag inside was still original. Or so I thought. I also got a green blouse for less than a hundred peso.

I wonder why green hangers are common in Ukay-ukay..

However, when you go in these places make sure you have at least 3 hours to haul mountain of clothes. Like you do in an ordinary department store, check for lose buttons, hems and linings. Watch out for the stains in the armpits, chest and other areas. Also you have to dust off before purchase. Forget the smell. Old clothes smell like old people.

These are extra pointers to think when you decided to visit these stores.

  1. Know what you are looking for. Ukay ukay clothes come in rows and can be overwhelming. Have in mind the outfit or look you want to for before you go shopping. That way, getting that tie-dyed shirt, flare pants and hippe bad for your seventies retro look will be easier.
  2. Have an eye for detail. Sometimes I do look for brands, since they come a lot cheaper than the ones sold in malls. However details are what make clothes interesting. Look for good one-of-kind-prints, delicate embroidery or unusual buttons.
  3. Try it on. Always try on the outfits before purchase. Don’t rely on the size on the tag. It may already have stretched or shrunk. Also the L size before may be the S size today.
  4. Be patient. You need a load of patience to go through every item if you want to snag a real find.

    And more importantly,

    5.Learn the art of haggling. Ukay-ukay stores give you price cuts on these grounds: its their “buena mano”(first sale), when you buy a lot of items, when the business is slow like during rainy seasons, and when you are makulit (persistent)


    Who else has thrifting story to share? It doesn’t have to be embarrassing- although that will earn you extra point for being branded as bakya, cheap, broke and well, jologs


  1. nakabili na din ako sa ukay ukay... lalo na nung papunta ako ng ksa

    dito mo rin makikita ang mga original na mura lang...

    kahit dito sa Jeddah may ukay ukay din... at masaya mamili....

  2. very true... thank you for the tips... most of what you mentioned are things I have been practicing...

    Ukay-ukay expert here... hehehe

    Let's be practical!

  3. You should bring my mom sa susunod hahaha
    super tyaga nya humalukay at maghanap ng damit sa Ukay Ukay...
    super tipid nga!

  4. owede rin gawing medyo mas sosy ang dating ng ukay ukay...tawagin lang na "vintage" clothing...o di ba? same concept lang hehehe

  5. I used to frequent U2 (Ukay ukay) back in college. when i want to wear something unique, i know i'd find one in these thrift stores. one time i chanced upon a nice Sisley jacket. :)