Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Women's Day!

I will narrow the use of women here to mothers, whether they are married, divorced, separated, single and those mothers, although not by blood, but by heart. Mothers who always try to do the right thing and make what would be the best choices- for others. So, happy women’s day to all of you great ladies!

I believe good people put everyone else first, but mothers usually done it for so long that they tend to lose themselves in the process. It's okay, they do this to survive, to equip their children and because of their innate nurturing qualities. But they exhaust themselves managing everyone else's happiness, schedule, emotions and even their own anxiety. Drop the need for things to be "just so," or perfect. It sucks the life out of them than gets them to the place they desire.

John Gray of Men from Mars and Women From Venus defines how we are different from our male counterpart. He said that men get their sense of self from achievement and women get their sense of self from relationships. Men are action-oriented, while women are verbal. Our hostility is released with words rather than fists. And when we're upset, the way for us to feel better is by talking about our problem with other people. So that explains why mothers are control-freak at times. But really, its not the difference that matters but the goodness inside the heart that translates to understanding, care and love for people we care deeply for.

So, us, being the more emotional, more attached to feelings, more sentimental and more verbal part of the human race, let’s enjoy our womanhood.And hope that the men in our lives would treat us like how they have treated us before the marriage.

Here's how to impress us:
* Wine her,
* Dine her,
* Call her,
* Hug her,
* Support her,
* Hold her,
* Surprise her,
* Compliment her,
* Smile at her,
* Listen to her,
* Laugh with her,
* Cry with her,
* Romance her,
* Encourage her,
* Believe in her,
* Pray with her,
* Pray for her,
* Cuddle with her,
* Shop with her,
* Give her jewelry,
* Buy her flowers,
* Hold her hand,
* Write love letters to her,
* Go to the end of the Earth and back again for her.


  1. Littleyana
    Yes, thumbs up to Women all over the world. Love the list and the post ( this list should be posted every valentine, as men always want to know how to impress the fairer sex) Your last sentence says a lot. :).

  2. Thanks Rum-Punch. As you know, not all men are sensitive to women's needs so I'm glad to receive my first comment from a sweet, sensitive guy like you!