Monday, March 19, 2012

I Am Not Alone

How do you describe how it felt when you discovered that your blog, the cradle of all your dreams, wishes and life’s inanities, wasn’t original and realized that there are others Thinking Outloud, some differently written, some hyphenated, some all caps, some not, flying around in the cyberspace?

Yes, that was a terrible thought.

How do you talk about the crushing sadness upon knowing that their blogs are more interesting, bearing all the interesting articles, features, gadgets that you wish your own blog has? Or the envy that they have thousands of followers and you have barely ten?

You can’t. You can only wish to trade places.

How do you express the thud in your chest when you learn how they are well acknowledged by others by the number of ads, awards, likes and comments that were all over the walls, and realized you only have your very loyal friend and a few others to comment on yours.

It is hurtful.

But in between hurt and disappointment, I like to think that my very own, my precious, truly beloved Thinking Outloud is my little slice of heaven on the Internet inspite of it’s almost skippable entries. Through this I was able to spew all of my fantasies, self-discontents, frustrations, memories. So I want to thank you all followers, silent readers and commenters alike, thank you all so much for reading. You all make this one smashing adventure.

My own piece of heaven

In closing you might have noticed a theme of loaded daytime drama when my hormones are raging against me. Yes, friends. This is one of them.


  1. hehe, i felt the same when i started out blogging. But i dont care anymore. This is not a competition of whos' better or not. This is self expression haha.

  2. Yeah I think so too! Sometimes you have to be less sensitive..

  3. Well, these are my thoughts exactly!