Monday, December 3, 2012

Would You Ever Fall For....Disc Jockeys?

Would you ever fall for someone you have not seen but only heard? Did you ever try putting a face to the voice? Today, DJs play a more visible role in mass media thanks to live video streaming and commercial endorsements. But growing up, I can only imagine how they look in real life. I remember listening to AM radio where early news and dramas are main staple. And if ever you’re my age and are also fond of listening to FM band, you will know this Mellow Touch line…

You are the minstrel, I'm your guitar
I'll play your music straight to your heart
Each day (blah.. blah..)
You are the minstrel, I'm your guitar
The mellow sound of W double L...

Just merely singing it come waves of rushing memories. Songs touched me in a natural way. They speak my heart. Sometimes we think nobody can ever relate to us and so we find ourselves in a rut. We trick ourselves into believing that we are -- without a doubt -- the only people on the planet who have ever felt the way we feel or have experienced what we have. But songs are such powerful tool to describe how really does one feel.

And these days where radios are not only about songs but life seen as a whole. And listening no longer one way but interactive, a lot more fun and alive than it was during my time, I can’t help but be smitten by how these Disc Jockeys touch the lives of their distraught callers. They may sound trivial, and funny but if you dig ever so slightly beneath the surface, reality takes place.

Here’s what they said.

Joe D’ Mango, Love Notes, DZMM

True love only comes once in a lifetime,
so take it as it comes along and enjoy every bit of it
while it is still burning strong

Papa Jack, 90.7 Love Radio

We all wanted to be superman
only to venture out in life looking for
our very own kryptonite.

Bro Jun Banaag, Dr.Love , DZMM

To let go of someone doesn't mean that
you have to stop loving. it only means that you
allow that person to find his own happiness
without expecting him to come back.

Chico and Delamar, The Morning Rush, RX 93.1
You don’t own all the problems in the world.
Some of them are mine.

Papa Bear, Barangay LS FM, LS 97.1

Life is definitely a roller coaster,
it's only when you begin to appreciate the ups and the downs
that the ride becomes more fulfilling.

What do you think, friends?


  1. I once went loco for Joe D'Mango...
    the advises he give are really helpful..

  2. I am a Crossover, CitiLite and RK 96.3 fan. There were days that I could not sleep without hearing my favorite songs. It relaxes and helps lighten my mood. Nothing beats hearing your favorite tune while riding your own car on your way hope on a trafficless road.

  3. i am not much of a dj person except for Casey Kasem, but i love listening to the music on the radio.

  4. I like the style of Joe D' Mango and the bubbly tandem of Chico and Delamar. They're attack on giving advice simply rock.