Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If You Don’t Know Then You’ll Never Understand

While many of you cram to look for soft and hairy, or excited to dance Gangnam Style at your office Christmas parties, you are lucky, people!

We don’t have Christmas party.

So contrary to the year after last year where we are asked to dress up like in the 70’s like you see in the picture below.

I miss this psychedelic, spotted, Gina silk costume already. You see, I don’t mind wearing shower curtain some days.

The pleasant feeling stays and the memories linger even after so many years. I now enjoy parties, which I don’t when I was a kid. I was embarrassed at the time but luckily I outgrew being self-conscious of my klutziness and find it hilarious now.

Parties bring people together, in one room, eating and drinking, and sharing stories that never end. My officemates still laugh when they remember my legs wrapped in fishnet stocking looking like a Chinese Ham. But despite of all the shame of looking like K-Pop star gone mad, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Not that I take pleasure in being laughed at. I am just so “game” for anything fun. Clean fun, though. I have realized that sometimes you got to seize the moment and have a good time. That instead of clamming up in one corner, why not mix with people, enjoy their company and tick each other’s funny bones.

But then I realized, its not only parties, not even food and drinks that bring people together. It’s really more the friendship and closeness that build up throughout all of the years of working together.

So with or without office parties?

It's the time to make your own party.

With some of your nicest officemates, few burgers and fries, and a Magic Sing? BOOM!


*Okay, may be it’s not that bad. Many government agencies have also called off their Christmas parties this year.

  • The Office of the President
  • The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines
  • Philippine National Police
  • Department of Education, Culture and Sports

They are donating the funds to assistance for victims of typhoon “Pablo.”


  1. ate malou, your so cute in that pic!!!! parties or no parties it is still a celebration :)

  2. Kabaligtaran naman tayo, nung bata pa ko mahilig ako sa party, ngayon e hindi masyado. HAHAH!

    "You'll never know if you never try"

  3. Last year wala din kaming Christmas party dahil dinonate din sa nasalanta ng bagyo noon.

    Tama ka is not about parties, foods and drinks that bring people together. It's about friendship and closeness :)

    Wala din kaming party dito sa ibang bansa :)

  4. Join the club lola... i've been working here for 10 yrs now and never had xmas party hahaha
    at least you still have your 13th month pay!

  5. Hi!! Everyone's talking about Xmas Parties. Its a bit sad you don't have one this year. But, its still a party when you have friends and family around. Thanks for dropping by on my Blog!! Have a Good Christmas and New Year.

  6. Lovely pic---but you can still have a wee party,kahit potluck nalang sa bahay niyo... :)

    it's not about the food, it's about being together and having fun...