Tuesday, October 30, 2012

These Scary Toys

It is called "Baby So Real". Some are cute but others are, well, sort of really creepy. I think this one belong to the Smithsonian under the evolution of man.

And she can represent a baby Java Man.

And remember this Kid’s TV show aired early part this year at Channel 2? Um, am I only the one who thinks that Wako wako looks like he has emerged from an alien movie? he and his friend look like they have become some sort of mutant furry animals akin to that Chewbacca of Star Wars. Hairy but not cuddly. At least not to me.

And as if Chuckie doll is not scary enough, they have included his spawn to this next toy. I must point out that Chuckie Jr makes a really creepy child's toy.

If you haven't seen the movie Rango, this next picture is Ms. Beans, the love interest of Johnny Depp--er, I mean Rango. Johny Depp just does the voice for Rango. Anyway, she's supposed to be a Desert Iguana.

However, with the wig and the eyes? I think they are two different things.

So parents, if you are going to go to the trouble to buy your children a gift, don't buy them one that they will later need therapy for.


  1. yes, parents should be aware of those creepy toys (and dolls like chuckie and his bride) hehe..

  2. I dont think I want to recommend this to my future kids... they are creepy to me...

  3. To Ric, Genskie and Izdiher, yes friends they are a bit weird to play with especially Chuckie wife and Chuckie Jr. Horror!

  4. For me this is funny yet lil' creepy. Well, I remember I received a gift from my 7th bday, a black colored doll. It was hell horrifying for me at that age because of that doll but now whenever I remember about it, I'm just laughin out loud! Who needs therapy then? :P