Sunday, October 28, 2012

Horror Movies Leaves me Late and Zombie-Like

Which is a prefect start for Halloween! I have never made it a secret that I am a giant baby and thus it should come as no shock that while I love Halloween I loathe being scared. But there are some people who don't necessarily like scary things but they like the adrenaline of being scared. That is me. There is nothing more likely to cause my bipolar side to come out, you know, hearing and seeing strange and ghost-like thingy in imagination, which I get after watching those horror flicks. And when I’m with company, it is either I clam up in one corner or my fist to his face when I am terrified. Really, I can be that pretty unpredictable when scared.

And just because TV people see this occasion as a way to make more money, they ride on the idea of scaring people around. I watched Rated K where the whole episode centered on paranormal activities, ghost hunting, psychic works and stories between the dead and the undead. I continued on watching about spirits, ghouls, and lumbering ghosts from one program to the next. I stayed until I-Witness which was around midnight already. They focused on the horrific The Film Center incident. They showed rescuing a dying man who was buried half body. He was gasping for breath but died later. I switched to the next channel and watched Sunday’s Best where they featured haunted places in Baguio, Sampaloc, and other horror hot spots all over the country. I finished watching at one am already . I thought I did an all-time high on who can change channel and pushing mute button the quickest to avoid all the scary parts.

Even if I get through the movies and TV programs with my brave big girl face on I am storing those images, those fears, and those characters in my brain and believe me when I say they come back to haunt me. I have this incredible imagination. Every poltergeist, white lady, headless priest, and even mananangal meets me when my head hits the pillow. Every sound, breeze, shadow, or branch on a window becomes a threat to my life and sleep never comes. And every time I close my eyes I swear I hear them breathing right down my neck. If I turn my back to the door they could sneak up on me but if I face the other way the window is in my blind spot. Yikes...I'll just sleep on my back--but then all my vital organs are exposed and vulnerable...sleep on my stomach and I'm defenseless. See where I am going here? You know the one I'm talking about...don't pretend that you don't.

So I came to work this morning half awake. I almost missed the train. Almost because I did come to work 30 minutes early so I was not really late. (I only thought adding the late word on the title is nice). But I don’t think of ghosts and spirits anymore, only because I realize that there are far more frightening and scarier things in life. Like knowing that your paycheck is not due today but on Wednesday.

Very scary.


  1. You are not alone. Lol.
    BTW i finally get to read lots of your post... there's a big storm coming out where we live so all outdoor activities have to wait. Now I even get to officially follow you.

    Thanks for your visit to my site---

  2. Thanks Ifemi! Thanks for leaving comment. Oh about the storm, I hope you guys are always safe. Are you from NY? I saw the news and heard that there's a strong typhoon there. Thanks for the follow!