Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just Thinking: How Do You Define Success?

Have you ever met people who seem so successful? They have good paying jobs, living in posh condominiums, even their dogs have some breed of sorts. Their lives are so put together, their polished nails and branded bags are blameless. It’s an interesting notion, isn’t it? Just imagine how many people we randomly encounter in any given day- on the street, in a restaurant, in the checkout counter at the groceries- and half the time we often wonder is this fate or what?

Not in a jealous way, but in why-others-are-abounding- why-others-are-not kind of way. Does fate intervene in our lives more than we even know? I'm not even sure I have my own answer. The practical side of me said that what you think is what is what you are. I won’t pretend to know the science of success, happiness and life’s contentment. But I’m sure each of you who has ever peeked at your friend’s car or seen his latest Iphone Galaxy note has your own back story.

In my book, it’s not about material things that make one person fortunate. Those things that you think are "so for adults" -- managing your finances, taking your career seriously, being reliable and dependable -- are signs good enough to tell that you are taking charge of your life. Remember: learn to be self-reliant. Have faith in God but do hard work to achieve great things. Sadly, many people are still clueless as why scarcity and lack seem to run after them. And why hard work, sweat and tears are not enough. May be it's our attitude not only with success, but on how we face the challenges we meet along the way.

Francis Kong, a very good motivational speaker has mapped out these 5 different personalities and traits associated with each type…
    1. Cop-outs. They set no goals and make no decisions.
    2. Hold-outs. They have a dream, but afraid of the challenges. They’ve lost their childlike faith.
    3. Drop-outs. When the going gets tough, they quit. They don’t pay the toll.
    4. All-outs. They set goals. They never quit. They keep on keeping on, even when the toll gets heavy. They’re dedicated. They’re committed.

But I do hold out hope, friends. I hold out hope that all of you find real things that will make you happy. And real courage to make your life better than it is today.


  1. What an amazing post .
    Loving it.

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  2. Thanks Izdiher! Your blog is also very interesting. Just followed your blog!

  3. hmmmm. ang hirap idefine nito kung wla kang contentment sa buhay.. :D

  4. success and contentment for me goes hand in hand...siguro pag nakuha ko na ung mga needs ko..i can say i'm successful na din..

    I guess its human nature to unstop i guess, it'll be a never ending way to success..ok na ung may goals kaysa wala :D

  5. Thanks Kotz and Clai! we all operate on the same idea. Maybe, success and happiness, all that abstract ideas can't be easily dissected. Nararamdaman na lang..