Monday, July 2, 2012

The Trouble With Coffee

It recently occurred to me that I wish I’d loved coffee earlier so I won’t be intimidated by the different kinds, flavor, sizes and prices next time I visited a coffee shop. Lacking the aristocracy of an educated coffee lover, I know nothing about Cappuccino, Capachillo,Machiatto. For all I know they all sound, look, and taste the same.

I should explain that I didn’t go to Blenz Coffee Shop without a purpose. I’ve met up with a visiting friend from NY and she decided to have coffee after the meal and so we went to Blenz Coffee. I wasn’t that high on going, but my friend surely knows what she wants and I don’t. And besides that wasn’t much of a thing to debate about, was it?

Through the large plate glass windows you can see a few people scattered about, and even sitting next to one another with their faces lit up by their laptops and their ears plugged up with white wires. They won’t look back, nor up from the screen not at one another. Welcome to the new café life, where a congress of zombies type anything interesting they have to say into a device, all sealed from the world around them.

Interestingly the place didn’t smell coffee. And since nobody minds anyone, we came in unnoticed. And there up in front a long list of flavored coffee. Together with our other friend, also a non-coffee drinker, there we stood full two minutes and nothing happened.

“So what are we going to have?,” I hushed careful not to hear by anyone.

“I don’t know,” friend answered, rubbing her temples.

“Look at how many coffees they have, ” my voice wanting to break into silent cry. “I can’t even pronounced them”.

“So what now?”

“ I’ll probably have something with chocolate in it,”

“That’s perfect. I’ll have that too”.

I turned to the girl at the counter looking a bit impatient already.

“Two orders of iced chocolate, about as tall as that one” pointing to the regular plastic up beside the register.

And that’s how I decided to drink tea from now on.


  1. Hey there,
    I'd like you to read my recent post till very end. Some surprise is waiting for you.

  2. lola m, sorry ha, i didn't realize you and bechay weren't really into getting coffee. bakit di nyo sinabi? pero tingin nag enjoy ka din naman dahil naka access ka ng wifi and finally got talking tom hahaha...miss you guys na! til next visit!

  3. This is so exciting! Thanks Aditi! This means a lot to me. Your blog is so creative too. Hope to read more from you.