Monday, July 23, 2012

SONA: Its like Alphabet Soup From A to Z

Hi good Monday to you, dear friends. Why today is your lucky day? Because if you are living along Commonwealth Avenue and have to pass Cubao to get home, it is sure your lucky day to watch life as it pass slooooowly right in your face. Because closed roads and high volume of traffic will surely chain you to your seats for some time. Well, I know of course that 29 classes around the Batasan Complex are already suspended, but this is so that all 2,679,450 peeps (probably the reason why Quezon City is considered the biggest city based on population) could look at what Loren Legarda will put on this year. Remember her bare back gown last year?

To spice it up, I decided to do the “A TO Z challenge” which is a challenge to blog thematically from A to Z every day, one letter at a time. It sounds interesting, but restrictive and structured blogging makes my teeth itch, so I decided to participate by doing all the letters all at once, because that's how I roll. (And despite my aversion for structure (and insane work schedule/life in general), I've been trying to post as my precious time permit. However, I'm only doing "A to K" today and will conclude with "L to Z" until who knows when.

(Part 1)

    A is for "Aquino”
the son of a president that ended up as a president himself. I must say he’s my second choice for the Presidency next to Eddie Villanueva. Oh how he went from being a reluctant Senator and hiding in corners, to climbing all over Corona’s face and running after Gloria at the airport. Despite the Hacienda Luisita and the gloom that looms our Scarborough Shoal, I would like to believe that this country will do good under him. In time.

    B is for "Binay"
Although I’m not really sure what is the role of a Vice President if all the authorities and powers are in the hands of the President, this man does not mind playing second to Pres. Aquino. He is short, dark, but gentleman even when he was poked fun at during Dolphy’s wake by Brad Pete, a comedian. He told he was using tire black instead of tan lotion. I don’t think he was seriously pissed.

    C is for "Corona"
Like his last name, he can fit for a king. Only his midnight appointment clearly put a cloud of doubt on his name. And until now I can’t accept that by living simple life you could own multiple local and foreign accounts. Really now. He’s middle name? Velcro. He never left the side of Gloria until the end. How faithful.

    D is for "DFA"
telling China to back off from the West Philippine Sea. That we should fight for our sovereignty. And yet we’re still using beauty products, electronic gadgets like celphones, Itabs, I-phones and eating sardines, milk, that are made 100% from China.

    E is for "Economic Growth Rate"
in this case which is by far the most controversial every time SONA is happening. It is said that MalacaƱang is desperate to pump-prime the Philippine economy. On a per capita basis, the country’s economic performance cannot keep up with rapidly escalating costs of living and population growth galloping along at a rabbit colony’s pace. Although not all faults are President’s, — but the sort that real people can touch and eat — continues to elude us. When I was still in the third grade, my teacher said we belong to a developing country. 30 years forward, we still are.

    F is for "Fashion"
Just because the country’s public coffers are nearly depleted and we have an insurmountable amount of socio-economic work ahead of us, doesn’t mean we have to look or dress poorly! If there’s one thing Pinoys know how to do, it’s to dress the part and put on a good show. However, the public can only hope that these elected officials take as much time and effort in crafting bills and making sure they pass through to be enacted into laws, as they did in selecting their gowns and barongs.

    G is for "Grace Lee"
The Korean girl that has become the apple of the eyes of Mr. Aquino for a few months. Too bad, they ended too soon. I can imagine the president to open his SONA like this: “Let us bow our heads and offer a moment of silence for the demise of my so-called lovelife.”

    H is for "Hail, Thunderstorms and Flood"
We don’t have snow. We only have two seasons: high tide and low tide. You will realize this if you are living in CAMANAVA (that’s Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela to you). And when you live beside dams, creeks, or are living in the lowlands at the foot of mountains, luckily SONA is the least of your concern. You will only mind flashfloods, Leptospirosis, Dengue, and yes a boulder as big as a house that will crash upon you anytime.

    I is for "Impeachment Trial"
the 5-month long trial and hearing of the Senator Judges of the charges filed against CJ Renato Corona. Oh how we went all crazy about his lengthy speech that made him talk of the town. You can read it here. It ended dethroning the highest magistrate and making everyone else in the Judicial Bar Council scurrying around for the next Chief Justice.

    J is for "Justin Beaver and other foreign acts"
that literally eat our local acts alive. If something mildly annoys me, this is knowing that our best and concert artists like Regine Velasquez, Jed Nadela, Erik Santos (less Anne Curtis) run out of audience. Yes, I like them. But I love my own blood more. I hope the government will give more support to our local artists.

    K is for "K-12"
it’s a new education system where elementary years are stretched until grade 12. So my son who is in 3rd grade now will stay in school for nine years more before he can enter college. Good grief!

Gaah, this is too long..

I want to finish this today but the SONA had just started. Stick around, friends!

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