Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear Monday

(Today I decided to do Dear Monday. This is actually a link up with Claire of The Secret Notebook. It’s a little letter to your week and you tell why you should be happy and not manic about it.)

Dear Monday, I am sorry you caught me dreaming and hoping its still Sunday. I knew I was not setting my self up for success by staying awake watching TV last night and sleeping till close to 12 midnight…but lo! morning came so early. I dragged myself out of bed otherwise three things will happen: one kid will be late for school, a husband will leave with empty stomach and myself coming late for office. Why is work so hard to go back to? But really, I am grateful because all Mondays tell me I will not be lazy-ing around the whole week. That I am okay even if stress level hits high any time and any day.

Dear Aditi of The Life of An Indian Girl, hey girl, thanks for the blog award you gave me. For a minute I didn’t realize I can be fabulous the way you see me. Your own blog is fun and lively and fresh like yourself. I sure can do Snoopy dance again with the award hehe. I am passing this also to:

Claire of The Secret Notebook

Aditi of The Life of An Indian Girl

Anney of Blog ni Ako

{--And to follow the tradition, you can read my post here. Spell Happiness!}

Dear Zumba, I know I‘ve been unfaithful to you this past few days. If I could bear hug you so I would. I enjoyed you. I already miss the ohs and ahs and the aching joints I have after you. Sorry I was not able to go to the class because of the heavy downpour and heaviness of my body too. I remember how it felt so good bathing with my own perspiration and catching my breath to death. So looking forward to have a date with you again.

Dear Weather, I need you to warm up considerably and consistently so my house will be built on time. This construction thing leave me stressed and flat broke. This too so we can have our aerobics not under the heavy rain, will you?


Dear Self, stop harassing everyone. Your husband is starting to complain about your temper! Go out, have fun, spend money the way you want. Take heart, everything for sure will pay off in the end. Air high five to you this week, Littleyana!

So what will this week hold in store for you, friends?

Fun things, I hope.

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  1. Hi! Thanks so much, I see you passed on an award to me! What a nice surprise!

    Also, I just wanted to clarify that the host of Dear Monday is Megan at