Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I Do Offline to Recharge

Happy Friday, friends! What are your plans this weekend? Since I don’t have a computer at home, unless of course I would barge in to my sister’s house, I am pretty much under a rock, out of the worldwide system of computer networks.

So what do I do offline?

1.Reading. Few people would disagree, there's nothing like snuggling up with a good book. It’s the sort of cosy, time-worn activity that can never be reproduced by a computer - no-matter how small. If you are into inspirational books, I recommend my most recent favorite. It’s Francis J. Kong. He wrote The Early Bird Catches The Worm, The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese, and Duh?!. I have yet to read his latest release One Day At a Time. Well, this is aside from Reader’s Digest and Bob Ong.

2.Listening to Music.Do you know that music can actually lower blood pressure? Aside from getting your feelings out, you can also emote to the top! For that, I love Darlene Sczech, Kari Jobe, Christy Nockles. For pop singers, I love Bonnie Raitt, Taylor Awift, and Adelle. And for locals, I am forever a Regine Valasquez fan. In this time where you can download video for free, I still do the old school way. I write the lyrics and sing whenever I want. I have now collected three books of my favorite songs.

3.Watching TV. While nothing beats actual travel, but most people are limited in the amount of travel they can do. TV opens up the world, whether through watching documentaries, or drama series with multicultural characters. My favorite? The Food Network. I love Guida de Llaurenti made her pasta and Italian seafood dishes. Plus, how many times have you learned something while watching a regular TV series? For one, CSI TV series helps me get inside the mind of Gil Grissom and Horatio Caine.

Well these are just few that can help you feel recharged. BUt nothing is more refreshing than having your dose of love from family and friends. There is no more inspiring than that.

Don’t you think so?


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