Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are You A Valentine Geek Like Me?

In case you don’t know, I'm a huge geek. I read Archie comics, keep old shirts, love “Twilight”, etc. etc. etc. I never do unusual or extraordinary things to make one assume I want very much to “revolutionize” myself. I don’t get hype over birthdays, anniversaries, much less Valentine dates.

Or so I thought.

Because this geek went on a date last night. Hah.

Hubby treated me to a Valentine concert at The Wharf. We went to see Side A, and so I’d want to share a few tidbits of how the whole experience betrayed the geek in me. At first, I thought I will be a completely dork in front of the classy, rich-looking couples across the table. They seemed older, and were a bit more formal. I was just there, silently adoring the place, good thing hubby engaged me in a so and so conversation. We were actually with friends but obviously want the place to themselves. And so I did not bother. In case you've been living under a rock--and even that's no excuse because I pretty much live under a rock, stepping in on anyone’s right to privacy is next to unleashing hell.

And so I just let myself get absorbed by the impression created by the entire set up. As I was scurrying people faces, my attention was locked to the flowers in front of them. How come I didn’t have one? I'm basically an easy-going person. I avoid conflicts if possible, and it takes a lot to get me riled up. However there was that time when you lose your precious sanity, right? Was it because of how I was dressed? I came in my old black pants and sporty jacket. You see, geek don’t dressed pretty well. But I pushed on nonetheless. I shoved my husband to go and get me my own rose. I waited a full two minutes and nothing happened. It’s okay, I said to myself. I can survive without a flower. But it does really feel so very un-Valentine without a flower.

Anyway, Blithe band opened the show with their love songs repertoire. I liked their performance as a whole. However, I hate their talking in between songs. It was a bit distracting. However, my excitement escalated when the Side A began to strut their stuff. They were so great, I didn't realized I was always shouting "more, more!" like a rock star fan on cocaine. And that’s how my Valentines day came out: awesome, fabulous, and totally unforgettable.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! I hope you all are as high on sugar right now as I am.~

P.S Their photo booth was a very good idea.

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