Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do You Have Leap Year Superstitions?

You all have heard that expression right?

You know that extra day of the shortest month of the year where all false notions, myths and customs come out with it. But really, where does leap year come from? Science explains this so as not to complicate things. You see the earth revolves around the sun not exactly 365 days, because in reality it takes closer to 365-1/4 days to make its trip around the big ball of fire. So instead of adjusting it by that quarter of a day per year, they decided to take that extra quarter day and store it in a big vault somewhere in the Sahara dessert and let it out only once every four years. So literally, we leap one extra day every four years so we will not have winter in July in around 10,000 years or so. But people, wanting to add more strangeness of this day, think up

These superstitions and fun facts about Leap Year and February 29th:

Leap Year Babies
Don’t lose heart, leaplings, if you will not have your birthday party every year. Be positive. Aren’t you lucky you get to age only every four years than the rest of us “normal” do? While I’m nearing 4-0, my leap year counterpart is only 10 years old. But the downside to being born on a leap year is that I hear they all die at a much younger age than the rest of us. And of course, you don't want to be living in Scotland because you will be shunned as being bad luck! Strange!

Leap Year Romances
Well it’s the girls chance to ask her crush out on a date. Well, rumor has it that on February 29th it is perfectly acceptable and even expected that the lady can ask the gentleman for his hand in marriage instead. This is also the perfect time to elope. How romantic!

But what if he said no to your proposal? Take heart, ladies, legend says that it is bad for the guy to let down proposal on this date. If a man refuses your marriage proposal, he will suffer a terrible fate or have bad luck! So if you want to snag yourself a superstitious fellow, you can skip false pregnancies or buying him with gifts and promises of dowries, and simply ask him to marry you.

Leap Year Weddings
On the other hand, you may not have your wedding happen this year. That is if you’re a Greek. It is not okay to actually get married in the year a February 29th occurs. Even to this day, many Greek couples will not plan a wedding during a leap year, for fear of jinxing the marriage. This and other millions of reason why marriage fails, of course.

Leap Year Anniversaries
But for the non-Greeks who were successful in leashing their soulmates on a leap year, your lucky spouse don’t have to remember your anniversary every single year. They don’t have to buy you classy gift and treat you to expensive restaurant each year. And by any chance, you can almost bypass that seven year itch completely. How fortunate!

So things aren't really so bad, as much as there are also good things that happen on this strange day. Leap year or not, it is an extra days and not a day missing, and God gives us another 24 hours to enjoy life. Use this day to do something daring, extraordinary and unlike yourself.

So what do you think?


  1. haha! very informative... never knew about these stuff. many thanks for sharing... =)

  2. Now you know. That's why men are staple during leap year.