Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Need To Be Fixed

Hey. How's it hangin'? I'm doing ok. I lost my mother last November. Guess what, I lost my job this month.

I keep telling people that I resigned, that I got tired of 12 hours of commute and office work. That it is tiring, boring, repetitive. Truth is we were picked, chosen, listed down, singled out and decided on. All 11 of us. I jokingly called ourselves Deep Ocean Eleven. We were in deep pit. Like the movie.

The first thing I did when I got home was tell my husband to feed me while I am out of job. He laughed hard. Really, I can't wait to get out. I'm nervous about doing things differently but I'll just do them a day at a time.

So right now I'm doing a lot of handwringing, questioning, working things out, cramming myself to get a new job. I may be some time. Consequently, my whole system is affected. For how can I explain my constipation, urinary tract infection and hairy armpit? People have already gently told me I need to start getting over this and just, no. No I do not, thank you.

There's been a lot of lying on my bed. The days go pretty slowly around here, and if I don't find things to do I feel yuck. I'm reading books but I wash clothes pretty much of the week. I wonder why the bin never emptied.

I'm incredibly sorry for such a blurty blogpost but there it is. Hopefully if I just write it and publish it will help me let some stuff go.

Like what this picture is doing to me.

A pat on the back saying "Ma, it will be okay".

How on earth does anyone get through idleness?



  1. Just hang in there Malou. Here 's praying that the right job will come at the right time.

  2. Thanks Sarah! I sure hope so.

  3. When a door closes, another window opens.. Enjoy the idle time because when you get a new job, you'll be busy for sure and finding some time out may be difficult :)

    I can tell you're a tough woman and this event will just be a piece of cake for you.

  4. if something is taken from you.. it means something better is about to come.. just relax.. let go and let God. :)