Monday, February 10, 2014

What Happens When I Get Behind On Chores

Like laundry.

As long as I have reasonably clean uniforms for the kids, socks & unders for the hubs and a clean bra for me, I'm usually good.

But it never occurred to me that I would run out of panties.

I have 10,000 pairs of underwear. Some are fun & lacy. Some are thongs. Some coordinate with a bra. Others like the bloomers that I stole from mother. Imagine a full panty with a pocket to hold sanitary napkin in place. I know no girl would own up to wearing it.

But most of what I have are comfy cotton briefs.

Last night after my shower, I opened the panty drawer and. . . . . .chirp chirp chirp.

Nothing. Not a thing. Not a thong. No boyshorts, hipsters, g-strings or briefs.

In normal circumstances, I would go without. But it's fright week. I need unders.

I had NOTHING. Just a giant pile of dirty laundry. I would never wear dirty underwear. Ok, I would. I totally would. But the laundry was especially dirty with wet towels and everything. So I couldn't even find any not-too-dirty ones.

If Miranda Kerr could wear this.. I could too.

I had to borrow from Hubs.

And Hubs has 2 choices: tighty whiteys or colored briefs with bacon waistband. Tight whities weren't gonna do it for me because they wouldn't hold my . .. um . . products in place.

I knew boys were different from girls. I had no idea HOW different.

They have the whole keyhole thing goin' on. Because they are too lazy to pull their pants down when they pee. Know what else? The leg holes on T.W.s are tight. I mean -- no elastic. What the...? How can they wear these?

And there is about 8 inches of fabric between the legholes. Their legs are NOT that far apart. I know they need extra fabric to cover their extra parts, but I had NO IDEA that there was so much fabric down there. Finally,the waistband? Definately not designed for girls. Well, maybe for Miranda Kerr. But for girls with hips? Nope.

So today, I am catching up on my laundry.

Cotton briefs first.


  1. I was laughing out loud while reading this hahaha. You run out of your under thunder? hahahaha. Next time, do the laundry quick and fast lols hahahahaha kidding :)

    1. Yes Jay it happens all the time..gotta tell you a secret. I don't throw/ keep away maternity panties right away. I use them when nothing is available (secret lang yan haha)

  2. My mom usually do the laundry and there had been days when i ran out of undies to wear too. I'd usually look at the clothesline to see if there's one hanging. Not dry yet most of the time, but the friendly electric fan always save the day. :)

    1. This or you can put your undies at the back of the refrigerator..mainit dun. Very classic haha!

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