Monday, January 13, 2014

Some Things Are Harder Than You Think

Women are not as complicated as you guys believe. Oh well, there are times that we are hormonal, over-dramatic and sensitive.

But everyone goes through this at some point, whether you're a guy or a girl. So it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Because you know what? It's normal for people.

When I am by myself, I eat a family block chocolate, one leg propped up. I pluck armpits hair. Talk to the world and wait for it to talk back. I swear, ruminate, despair and answer all the questions in my head. And I talked so fast you’d swear I am schizo.

But when I am out in the society, no one could suspect. Like I will ask you super nicely if I can iron your clothes, feed your dogs or cook for you out of politeness or well meaning impulsiveness.

People close to me know I talk to a laptop. I don’t know but every time I start opening the computer, I would start talking like a robot, “start now, start now, now, now…!”

And as I have mentioned here before, I am quite a multitasker.

I have the tendency to do many things at once.

Okay. So for instance, last Saturday morning, I thought of cutting my children’s hair. You see I hate the long sideburn. So I cut them. No, really. I did. And nobody cried.

That's while the washing machine was running.

Yesterday, I planned about revamping an old black dress into a peplum blouse. You know those DIY’s flying around in the internet? I am somehow inspired. But then I forgot everything about it.

Of course I did. Also, I don't have a sewing machine.

So yeah. That's how my brain works.

Uh. That's all. Just thought I'd share.


Oh I made something for a very close friend. Hi Margj! She’s 40 on Saturday and because I'm super sweet, I made this card for her.

You are halfway to 80. Way to go!


  1. So, you're a multi-tasker indeed!

    In the comfort of home, we can do what comforts us, whether etiquette is being compromised, we some won't give a care, after all it's our house. But, when we're out in the public, we somehow tame down, we cannot show them all that we are inside our house. We tend to adhere to proper decorum of things and of people that surrounds us.

    1. Thanks jay. I guess we operate on the same line. Well I think all parents are. For the children's sake..

  2. Ay, ipangalandakan daw ba na 40 na ako! Hahaha...oh wait, that can't be me...I refuse to admit it lol...all kidding aside, thanks for the special mention. I'll definitely return the greeting come June hehehe

  3. Hi Margj! dreadful ang 40..! imagine the 4 decades?! dapat talaga ipag-party yan haha!!