Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How To Deal With Your Exes

Exes aren’t that hard to spot. They are EVERYWHERE. In order to deal with them, you have to understand what they are going through, where they are coming from. Because all they need is love and understanding.


Exes expect that everybody loves them. They have this sense of self-worth that if they are loved, they think they deserve it and if they are hated, they think that other person is just insecure or intimidated. Because what is not to love? In their own world, they are perfect.

Some exes think that they are the prettiest thing their parents have ever created.

Sometimes I wonder if pets roll their eyes when humans baby talk them. because when I hear girls baby talk their boyfriends, I roll my eyes. However, its okay to baby talk husbands. Husbands are wives’ first born, right?


So okay. I'm not gonna assume that you are having some sort of woman trouble. No, not at all.

And because I know that most men don't understand women AT ALL, I decided to write about “The Boy That Never Was”. So yeah, Katy Perry.

So let’s say you crossed path with an ex accidentally. And you had a bad separation. Like he dumped you for another girl. Ouch.

For a starter, these kinds of people deserve a high-five.

In the face.

With a hammer.

Well, yeah okay, I exaggerated a little bit.

When you see Ex coming your way, don’t chicken out. Say hello with confidence. Don’t quiver. And please don’t start the conversation with.. “do you miss me?”. Please.

Give him a serious look. Or something.

Stupidity is a crime.

Now. What if you are the type who likes to avoid social interaction, especially when Ex is involved? And what if you have to see Ex every day because he goes to your school or you work with him?

This probably should work.

Make more loyal friends who are willing to go to jail with you. And be catchy all the time. Even if you’re just gonna go to the next table. Wear sexy, borderline Gaga clothes that it would drain the color of your face. I know, I know it's gonna be hard. Wearing clothes that are 10 sizes too small takes some getting used to, but you have to sacrifice! You need to prove you are okay after the break up. Even if that was 10 years ago.

This or get a life and move on, for heaven’s sake.

Ten years ago is soo history.

And I believe if fate meant you to be together, you’ll find each other in the next life.

You are you and he is your son haha!!

Okay. I'll stop right there.

♥ Happy Valentines! ♥


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