Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Starting the New Year Right

I feel like I just blinked and its the start of 2014. Already?

But I’m not here to talk about how your Christmas went or if 2013 was brilliant or awful.

Resolutions? Nah. All I wanted was a longer vacation, longer time to watch TV or read books. I kind of clung to them like a raft. I was so lazy the whole vacation to think of what to do. Not an ounce of energy to even wrap gifts. I should be cooking and cleaning, but I was trolling Facebook and Candy Crush.

But that’s just 5% of the problem. If you think being lazy is the problem. You’re wrong.

It’s the cold, crisp, and chilly almost arctic feel in the morning.

Did you see the news on TV? the deep snow in US midwest?

Never mind the blizzard in New York. Mind the strawberries dying in Benguet. I thought I was seeing snow. Who says we don’t have them here?

So that’s what tied me to procrastinating.

Well. That and other thousand things.

Okay, so it is not really the weather alone. The other thousand things, if all summed up, is equivalent to well procrastinating.

Assuming that while some of you may not have a problem playing dead to the world, there are also some who think there are better ways of dealing with things like this.

So what to do?

First, put your laptop down. Get to real work people!

Hi! can i order a Big Mac, but without the cheese, lettuce, 
tomato, buns and patties and just get a pasta instead?"
Because you are a part of civilization. No matter what kind of job you have, do it. Even if you have to deal with a hundred of hot-heads, eccentric or just plain stupid people every single freaking day.

Second, deal with reality straightly.

"You're going to break with me anyway.
So yeah its the fat.."
If you have gained those ugly fats and bulges because of overindulgence this holiday, get out of bed. Take the huge blanket off of you and hit the gym. Stop self-pitying.

Third, take a new hobby. It’s always nice to discover new things.

They do this before the PIZZA
The Shaolin monks are always on the height of their physical and mental condition. That means on any given time of their day they can do a finger stand, perform complicated weapons maneuver and break your neck. So again put down that laptop. Okay?

And lastly, if you still have a lot of money from your ninangs and ninongs and spending it is starting to become such a burden, you could give, like, HALF of it to me. I won't complain. It's like charity. You'll all feel awesome.

I won't deny I actually hoped for her.
Net worth: 16.5 million

Therefore if you need tips on something, or advice, or you want to ask anything, e-mail me or leave it in the comments. I’ll probably help. We’ll see.



  1. The cold has a big influence in procrastination (at least for me) - lols! I'd rather be crawling inside my thick blanket on top of my bed than do anything. The cold - it freaks me out hahaha. I hate it big time. But what to do, accept the reality that it's part of a crazy weather. And got even crazier as time goes by due to the threat of climate change...hehe! Happy New Year!!

    1. Happy New Year too! So true. Mother Nature is taking her revenge..

  2. Ambilis ng ikot ng mundo. In this virtual age, everything seems to be on just one click. I still dread for the times when life was much simpler-- we write and receive letters, no FB nor Twitter nor Blogspot. We get in touch with one another intimately- not virtually. Dont we all wish we can transport back to that time? :) Happy 2014 Ate Malou!

    1. Happy blogging this 2014 too Allan! What can I say. Everyone is hooked on the internet now..

  3. I just blinked and January is already halfway over. Happy new year to you and your family!

  4. I should tell these to myself ;) Happy 2014!