Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zamboanga Not A Good Place..For Now..

That's pretty much what everyone is walking around thinking at this point, right? (Overseas readers: we have a falling out in Zamboanga and a lot of people are jaded as hell.)

Truth is, the Philippine peace council got knifed in the back by the MNLF, I haven't really been bothered to keep up with all the latest news. I've purposely not read articles and watched TV about because ..... it's all so disheartening.

What is disheartening?


Kids roam free, fending for themselves. Often dirty, no shoes, no schools. 
People fleeing to evacuation camps.
Not sure when to have a normal life again. 
Armed men are commonplace. 
You can't buy any food. Most stores are closed. 

Sometimes we look for meaning and there is none.

Whoever started it probably don’t have a family.

I believe in free speech, good policy, good government, and a fair go. Schools, hospitals, the elderly .... the vulnerable in our society NEED to be taken care of.

So - the person who is killing the peace talks don't realize the benefits of a true freedom. Sometimes we don't know that we are eaten alive by our broken principles and false honor.

I hope whoever is in charge will take good care of our people.

Philippines is one of the best countries on earth. And I hope it stays that way.



  1. Its really disheartening.. Praying for ZAMBO..
    one of my friend's family also is from Zambo, and I pitty my friend, because She is always bothered too.I hope this too shall pass right away.

  2. Ano kayang fulfillment at saya sa puso ang idudulot nito sa mga MNLF? War war stupid and people stupid, kanta nga ni Boy George