Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dear Cancer

You suck!

You used to scare everyone silly, but we are not afraid of you anymore.

You didn't get my father. You didn't get my aunt. You didn't get my other aunt and you're not gonna get my mother!

She is eating healthy & then you know what she did?

She smiled for a photo & posted it on FACEBOOK.

My mother at the right, with her sister

So there.

You can try to beat us all you want, but we know how to fight. And we will keep fighting.

You might as well just go away.

And never come back.



  1. wow! what a story. I'm happy that all your relatives survived. Cancer took my two aunts and 1 uncle on my father side. Just this August it took my aunt away. I saw her died. It just sad that she did not acknowledge me that day(Pretended as if she did not see me while i was kneeling in front of her). Perhaps because she was embarrassed for us to see her look so weak. I dont know. I still dont know how to put into words what had happened. It affected me to an extent i cannot measure and somehow added to my conviction that all is vanity. The chasing of the wind. Im sorry ate malou im not suppose to be sad here. haha it's just that i have no one to tell it to. :(

    1. His Sheena. Don't be sorry..It's hard, some people sympathize & get it, but others think you should just get over it. But you can't.

      I get what you feel. Or may be your aunt was too hurtful to leave you, so she chose not to singled you out. That or other reason. Thing is, we loved them and we will always miss their presence.

      Just keep going, one foot in front of the other...

  2. Nice to see their pictures!
    Yes, you're right keep up the good fight!

    1. I'm glad to share them too. It's like putting faces on the stories I wrote. Pray for her, ok?

  3. Awww what a testimony! I'll pray for the complete defeat of cancer against your mom :)

  4. wow... kakatuwa naman.... ano mga ginawa niya para maka survive....

    happy to hear na okay na lahat sa inyo....

    Godbless always ^__^

    1. Eating healthy always helps.. mas healthy pa nga kinakain niya. Juicing diet..

  5. wow... the power of being a fighter.. :) my mother, may breast cancer din po noon, she was operated last january... she is afraid baka mangyari din po ung nangyari sakanya katulad ng nangyari sa sister niya na may breast cancer who died 3months after her operation pero... until now my mom is strong :)

    I will pray for your mom :))


    1. Hi jessica, sana tuloy tuloy na pag galing para sa mga nanay natin. Wag kamo siyang mag-isip kasi stress lang yan.

      Goodluck din mga plano like going back to school next year.

  6. God bless to you guys! I hope your mother would completely defeat cancer. Let's just pray that all goes well. :)