Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where I Turned Into A Saw Slaying Monster. Kind Of.

I have many kinds of anger:

  1. The kind that I forget after 10 seconds.
  2. The kind that takes a day to sink in, which is very frustrating especially when, the moment it sinks in, it's not relevant to talk about anymore
  3. The kind that makes me create imaginary arguments in my head in which you will win and I will hate you more.
  4. The kind that makes me want to make you realize how stupid you are by using extreme sarcasm and snide remarks that you probably won't even understand.
  5. The kind that frustrates me a lot that it makes me tear up. 
  6. The kind that makes me want to go Super Saiyan on you. 
  7. And the kind that makes my blood boil up inside and make me want to secretly take a picture of you and post it on the Internet because I will probably hate you forever. FOREVER. 

And do you want to know what makes me that angry?

Wait. Okay. Not that angry.

If you have been reading this blog for a length of time, there are two things that bother me every month: bills and monthly period.

I know its not normal for most girls to get crazy-angry when PMS-ing. But compared to the random mood swings and cramps and headaches and body pains and frustrations and that feeling where you want to strangle everyone who says something stupid, staying sane is probably the worst when the red flag is up.

So this is why I want to discuss ways to get us girls out of trouble when its the time of the month.

Here they are..

Eat. Follow your cravings. We're a lot peaceful with full stomach.

Go to the gym. Exercising and sweating bring you a sweet
adrenalin rush..

Find a hobby. Dance, sing, shave someone's head, twerk. Whatever!
Anything that turn you back into peace-loving, delicate
butterfly that you know you are..


Don't eat sugar for breakfast. Because as the day goes on, you'll get more hyper.
More hyper than you already are in the morning.

So there.

I hope I helped.

You're welcome



  1. Sana may video mo showing how you twerk... hehehe...

  2. Can't relate with PMS-ing, hehe.. b
    ut yes sometimes you have to follow your cravings (like eating) to feel good...

    1. it always work: EATING! pms-ing or not..

  3. Relate ako dyan! When I catch myself being easily annoyed I stop and check the calendar. Malamang sa hindi, malapit na....hahaha...can't wait for menopause ;-P