Thursday, June 7, 2012

Touched by An Angel

(This picture was part of a social documentary. Although taken 3 years ago by a missionary photographer Mio Cade, this is quite common in my country until present day. You can see them roaming the streets, the back pew of churches, foot of the bridge, stairs of underpass/ overpass.)

    Photographer's Note:

    I feel for this pair of siblings.

    This young boy was protecting his little brother (or sister) as one can’t tell by shielding him using his body. And the little brother was so comfortably sleeping on his thighs.

    The boy was so tired. And he dozed off. But If you move near him he would be so alert and straight away shielding his brother with his shirt and cover his own face with his hand.

    He has such a shame in him and perhaps he did not want his little brother to be exposed to the same guilt and shame. I fee so sad for him. He is my hero who sacrificed for his brother.

    Anyway I walked towards him and gave him a pat on the shoulder and stroke his dirty hair. It was a gesture of telling him I care and I appreciated his care for his brother.


Please spare a thought for them. Nobody wants to live this way. And these children were forced to beg at a young age. They could not defend themselves. They do not have a say of what they want to be. Neither do they have the rights to choose what shirt to wear or what food to eat as very often they have none.You can help by showing a compassionate heart. Talk to them, say a prayer for them and buy them food if you could.

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